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‘Less-Invasive,’ Invasive Cosmetic Procedures?

by Brett Blumenthal

Yesterday, as I waited to get a facial, I picked up a copy of a magazine in my Spa’s waiting lounge.  The magazine is geared towards informing consumers on cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and other invasive procedures to stay ‘young and beautiful.’  Against invasive and aggressive beauty procedures myself, I’m always interested in what these types of publications have to say. 

As I flipped through the magazine, my interest was specifically drawn to one piece written on ‘Beauty Secrets of the Wives of Cosmetic Surgeons.’  Three of the wives were married to Plastic Surgeons and one was married to a Cosmetic Dentist.  Interestingly enough, the cosmetic dentist’s wife never mentioned plastic surgery or anything of the such.  Instead, she talked about having an active lifestyle, being fit, eating right and spa treatments involving a hot spring bath and exfoliation to relax and detox.  She added a couple of notes about how going to the dentist shouldn’t be painful, and that she has the Zoom! Power Whitening treatment to brighten her smile.  (We all like white teeth…let’s admit it).

The other three wives, however, advocated for plastic surgery.  And although I could go on and on about this topic (and probably will in other entries in the future) the one comment that really made me squirm was ‘I like to enhance my appearance with less-invasive treatments and procedures. I go to my husband’s office for Botox injections every few months…’ Ummm…

Beyond the fact that her husband advocates for her to have cosmetic procedures and is happy to administer them himself, which is a whole other issue altogether, my real issue with this comment is ‘Less-Invasive.’ Botox, a protein derived from botulism toxin (A form of food poisoning that occurs when someone ingests something containing a neurotoxin), is injected into the facial muscles to paralyze or weaken the muscles in order to minimize or smooth out lines and wrinkles on the face. Let’s pick out the key words: Poison and Paralyze.

Anyone who can think it is less-invasive to inject yourself with poison in order to purposefully paralyze your muscles is beyond me. Sure, it isn’t surgery, but it is still very dangerous, unnatural and relatively risky. Moreover, side effects can include: Droopy eyelids, which can last for a few weeks, feeling like you have the flu, headache and upset stomach and if administered incorrectly, a risk of botulism (a life or death illness that makes it hard for a person to move the arms and legs or to breathe). On a personal note, I know several women who have committed themselves to having botox injections every few months in order to banish a nasty little wrinkle and after a few years, they started looking different. One eye-brow is higher than the other, one eye is droopier than the other, etc.

It KILLS me when women my age say they are starting to think about Botox. Why? Really, why? Eat right, exercise, release stress, etc. Stand up for your beauty and your beauty at any age…PLEASE don’t fall victim to needing to pump yourself up with these toxins in order to ‘stay beautiful.’ I beg of you…

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