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“Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day.”

Keri GansI’ve been connected to Keri Gans for a little less than a year, but mentally connected to her for years. She is the author of The Small Change Diet and as you may guess from her title and mine – 52 Small Changes, we share a similar philosophy that making small changes for great and sustainable impact goes much further than trying to tackle major change all at once. You can find both of us sharing our small changes with the virtual world on twitter under the hashtag #smallchanges.

Eager to share Keri and her book with my readers, I sat down with her for a quick interview to get some more insights around her program and her thoughts on change:

What made you write The Small Change Diet?

For many years I worked with the media as a nutrition expert and producers and journalists kept asking me if I had a book. Meanwhile my patients would ask me to recommend a good ” diet” book. I use to joke with them that there wasn’t one until I wrote one. So, I finally decided to put pen to paper so to speak and wrote The Small Change Diet. It is based on years of working with over hundreds of patients and seeing what worked well for them.

There are ten steps to the program, do the ten steps have to be done in order?

Absolutely not. I feel the reader should choose whatever step they feel is more doable for them. If they are successful with what they chose they are more likely to move on to the next step. Success fuels more success.

Do you have to do all ten steps to lose weight?

For long term success all ten steps need to become part of you. Some of these steps though an individual might already be doing before they even picked up the book.

What does a reader need to have or do to be most successful with your program?

Patience!!! I strongly believe that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. A reader needs to give themselves time to change unhealthy habits and make them into healthy ones. They should not expect to lose all their desired weight in one month, but rather look at the big picture and strive to keep it off for good.

Regardless of the type/kind of change, what is the one piece of advice you would give someone looking to make major change in their life?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again!!! Approach every day with a positive attitude, not focusing on a poor choice you might of made yesterday, but rather on what you are choosing to do today.

The Small Change DietPick up The Small Change Diet here.

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