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How Healthy Are Your Beans?

Growing up, I admit, I was not a big fan of beans.  I didn’t like beans in any variety.  The thought of beans conjured up images of red colored beans in a soppy, sweet sauce, which often accompanied hot dogs.  Much like sauerkraut, this did not appeal.  Needless to say, I’ve grown up and so have my taste buds.  In short…I’m a big fan of ‘the beans.’

Beans are a wonderful food.  They come in many varieties and are very beneficial to maintaining a healthy diet.  They help reduce cholesterol and  provide a ton of fiber.  Moreover, they are a low glycemic food that is low in fat and rich in complex carbs for long lasting energy.  When combined with nuts, seeds or grains, they form a complete vegetable protein. Lastly, they are a great source of Vitamin B and Iron.

So what beans really pack a powerful punch?  Below is a breakdown of popular varieties, including info on calories, as well as protein, fat, carb and fiber contents per 1 cup serving.


Personally, I’m partial to chick peas, edamame (soybeans) and kidney beans.  Soybeans/edamame are actually the only beans that contain all nine essential amino acid to form a complete protein.  Chick peas are great in salads and great for Mediterranean dishes (think hummus), and kidney beans are the highest in fiber and a great addition to Turkey Chili.

What beans are your favorite?

* All values are based on a 1 cup serving of canned and drained beans.  Soybeans, however, are measure as prepared edamame.


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