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Hotel Room Workout: TRX Suspension Training System

Depending on the budget and location of your business trip, the hotel gym may be quite underwhelming…if it even exists. And, if the workout facility isn’t very inspiring, there is a good chance you might not even get in any exercise at all. That is until now. TRX Suspension Training allows you to do a hotel room workout…so you never have to deal with crappy gym facilities, understocked gym equipment or wait times.

The equipment was designed by a former Navy Seal, and is an easy-to-carry, easy-to-pack resistance training system. It allows you to do 100s of resistance training exercises with nothing more than suspension straps and an anchor point.

How it works: With this program, all you need is your body, the straps and an anchor point for resistance training. Once you have attached the suspension straps to an anchor point (which can be the hotel room door), you can do hundreds of exercises. The exercises allow you to do resistance training for your whole body, which builds power, strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance. Moreover, it is designed so that it is safe on joints…ultimately helping to prevent injuries.


Benefits: The benefits of the TRX Suspension Training System sure outweigh the drawbacks.

  • Great for Travel: Since the equipment weighs less than 2 pounds and doesn’t contain any rigid parts, it can easily be thrown into your suitcase and used any where you go.
  • Ease of Use: The straps takes only a few minutes to set up and only requires a strong overhead anchor point. For most people, the hotel door is a sufficient anchor point, making a hotel room workout feasible.
  • Intense Total Body Conditioning: It is a total-body conditioning program that is even used by military, which signals that even the toughest, most in-shape individuals get a lot out of it. Further, it is versatile in that it allows you to work all muscle groups and can be modified for all different user levels.


  • Exercises: When traveling, the hotel room door is probably the best anchor point. Because of the door height, you may have some limitations around the actual resistance training exercises you can do.
  • Anchor Sold Separately: In order to exercise in your room, you’ll need an anchor for the door, which is sold separately. Further, it is meant to be used on the side of a door where you pull it closed…which really only allows you to use the bathroom door in the hotel room for safety. Depending on the hotel room configuration, there might not be too much space to use it. That said, the company shows a lot of pictures of individuals using the product on the inside of the door (as shown above). So, this is at your own risk.

What it Comes With: The TRX Suspension Training System comes with the straps, a 65-minute basic training DVD, a full-color exercise guide, plus two additional bonus programs – an Endurance Circuit and a Metabolic Blast. And, you can buy it through our sister company’s OpenSky Shop: Purchase TRX Suspension Training. You’ll also need the door anchor, which is sold separately. The door anchor can also be purchased on our shop: Purchase here. Otherwise, you can also purchase it purchase it on Amazon.

Have you done a hotel room workout? Have you tried TRX Suspension Training?

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