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Poll: The Hotel Gym – What’s Important to You?

If you’re a road warrior, a hotel gym can be an important part of your business trip. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve stayed in three hotels: The Westin in Princeton, New Jersey, The Sheraton, in Petaluma California and the Westin in Napa Valley, California. Sticking with my regular fitness regimen, I used the fitness facility at each. Each hotel gym had its assets and liabilities, and unfortunately, the quality of the facility didn’t always match the brand. (Scroll Down to Take Poll Now)

As a long time road warrior, I’ve learned to make due with whatever I can find at a typical hotel gym while on a business trip. I’ve modified workouts to accommodate meager weight training equipment in the fitness center.  I’ve run outdoors to avoid dingy atmospheres. I’ve even done aerobics in my room with my iPod when no hotel gym existed at all.  Having embarked on the P90X program (check out my P90X blog here), however, my equipment requirements have become somewhat particular. And although I could use resistance bands in my room, I find it isn’t as effective as using real weights.

Recently, many hospitality brands have gotten on the fitness bandwagon and have put decent money into revamping the hotel gym at all of their properties. For instance, Sheraton just announced the formal roll out of their Core Performance Fitness Centers (which promises to meet the expectations of a typical road warrior). FYI, the Sheraton Petaluma has not completed the roll out. Personally, I tend to see many properties that completely miss the mark in creating an experience that inspires and motivates, let alone delivers in providing a worthwhile workout.  Whether on a business trip or traveling for leisure, tell us what is most important to you when it comes to a hotel gym:
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