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5 Healthy Travel Habits for the New Year

Resolutions for Healthy TravelAs we all know, the New Year is a time when many of us resolve to make positive change in our lives. A lot of diets start, a lot of gym memberships get purchased, and a lot of lofty goals are set. If you’re reading this, three-quarters through the month of January, and feel like your lofty goals are a thing of the past, this is coming just in time. This post is meant to give you real changes that you can make for healthy travel.

  1. Fitness Gear: Your suitcase is your best traveling companion. Start thinking of it as your healthy travel and workout companion too. Make the following items “musts” when packing for the business trip: sneakers, workout clothes, and if interested, workout DVDs and/or equipment. If you tend to forget workout gear, go and buy a travel set that you can keep in your suitcase, so that forgetting it isn’t an option. Check out our in room workout reviews: You Are Your Own Gym, P90X and TRX Suspension.
  2. Pack Food: Don’t leave healthy eating on the road to chance. For breakfast, I pack whey protein powder to ensure that I get some protein at the start of the day. And for snacks, load up on some nutrition bars and store them in a compartment in your bag. When your stock depletes, restock immediately. Another healthy packable snack is fresh almonds.
  3. Airline Selection: Booking air travel is dependent on our origination, our destination, and our budget. However, if you have several options that fit these three requirements, start selecting flights based on in-flight quality. Research typical leg room, food offerings in flight, and other amenities. Although you may avoid eating in flight, many times we succumb to a hunger pang or two. The good news is that many airlines will post what food they serve on their website so you can get some insight prior to booking your flight.
  4. Hotel and Room Selection: Start being more selective about the hotels you choose for your business trips. Look for hotels that have decent gyms, or at least a decent gym very close by. Also, if the hotel has restaurants, and you know you tend to eat in the hotel restaurant, start looking into brands that have implemented healthier choices on their menus. For the most part, many major brands have begun to do this. Also, start staying in hotels that are smoke-free for better air quality. Be selective about the rooms you book. Ask reservations for rooms located away from noisy areas and request personal preferences, such as hypoallergenic linens, extra pillows and king sized beds. If you are a light sleeper, start using your black-out shades in the hotel room, and purchase some ear plugs for the especially noisy hotel stay. The most important part of healthy travel for business is a comfortable hotel stay!
  5. Make Appointments: One of the biggest complaints I hear from business travelers is that they “don’t have time” to be healthy on the road. Yet, you’re probably fantastic at using your PDA, Blackberry, iPhone, or any other hand-held device for booking your business trip appointments. Use this to your advantage and start “booking” healthy travel to-dos too. Book an appointment to go to workout. Book time to eat. Book snack times. Book sleep times. You might even consider booking hydration time. The good news is that a lot of these can be repeat appointments. So, all you have to do is book them once.

Make healthy travel a priority this new year! Do you have any healthy travel resolutions you are sticking to?

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