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Healthy Summer Cocktails – Better Connecticut

healthycocktailvideo-75x56Healthier cocktails for the summer, can help keep off the pounds. In this segment for Better Connecticut, we discuss three simple tips you can do to keep the refreshment high and the calories low.

In summary, follow these tips to keep your summer cocktails healthier:

  1. Alcoholic Content: Keep the alcoholic content of your beverages low, and the calories will be low too! The higher the Proof in alcohol, the more calories it has. As a result, stick with lower-proof alcohol, such as beer and light beer or wine. If you want a more refreshing version of wine, enjoy a white wine spritzer with club soda and a squeeze of lime.
  2. Avoid Alcohols Reliant on Mixers: Infused Vodka and other alcohols give the alcohol more flavor, eliminating or at least reducing the need for a lot of mixers to get an interesting flavor. My favorite is Absolut Wild Tea, which is infused with Black Tea and Elderflower. Mix it with club soda or even unsweetened iced tea. It is really refreshing!
  3. Healthier Mixers: Go with club soda over sweetened or diet soda. Also, choose agave nectar over simple syrup. And instead of fruit juice, choose real fruit and blend it or muddle it into your drinks. Finally, coconut water and banana is a much healthier option for a pina colada over Coconut Milk or Cream of Coconut.

There is no reason you can’t enjoy summer cocktails, just be smart around it.

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