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Healthy School Snacks Your Kids Will Love

As a kid, snack time was by far one of my favorite times of the school day. Back then, my mom would buy up the variety snack packs which often included Cheetos, Doritos, Potato Chips, Pretzels etc. Since then, the snacking industry has come a long way. Today, there are some great healthy school snacks that provide greater nutritional benefits than the ordinary potato chip. Unfortunately, healthier school snacks can become prohibitive from a budget perspective. So, we hunted down some delicious and nutritious snacks that won’t break the bank. Each of these cost less than $10 a week per snack. These are my five favorite healthy school snacks for the upcoming school year, listed in order of price and starting with the cheapest:

1. Stretch Island Fruit Company: Even as an adult, I love Stretch Island’s Fruit Leathers. Although it is much like a fruit roll-up, this healthy school snack is the best “fruit snack” on the market. Compared to other fruit snacks, it is completely natural, containing no additives, preservatives, added sugar, dyes or processed oils. Stretch Island snacks taste a heck of a lot more like fruit than the traditional Roll-up.  My personal favorite: Summer Strawberry

2. FoodShouldTasteGood Multigrain Chips: I’ve been a fan of these from the very beginning. I love these chips. They are all-natural and have high-quality ingredients. They also come in some fun and tasty flavors for kids…including Chocolate!

3. Mrs. May’s Trio Bars: If your child likes snack bars, Mrs. May’s Trio Bars are a deliciously light and crunchy snack that will satisfy. Mrs. May’s Bars come in 4 flavors (blueberry, cranberry, strawberry and tropical) and are made with premium grade ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors. They contain roasted nuts, toasted sesame seeds, natural fruit pieces, organic evaporated cane juice, rice malt, and sea salt. Further, they contain protein, healthy fat and fiber…all important to satisfying hunger for the long hall.

4. Sahale Snacks: I love Sahale Brand snacks. Their glazed nut products come in three delicious flavors (honey almond, almond PB&J and pomegranate cashews). All of them are delicious and have a slight hint of sweetness which appeals to any young palette. However, the PB&J, is by far, an easy winner with the kids. Sahale Glazed Nuts are wholesome, highly nutritious and very filling, packed with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and protein.

5. Somersaults: If your kid likes chips and other saltier snacks, Somersaults are probably a great healthy school snack. They come in four flavors…three saltier (salty pepper, SS Sea Salt and Sante Fe Salsa), and one slightly sweet (chez cocoa). They are delicious, having a slightly pretzelly taste. They are high in fiber and contain a healthy dose of healthy fats as well. All flavors are made with high quality ingredients and have no artificial ingredients or fillers.

6. Hummus and Carrots: Personally, I love hummus and carrots as a snack for the kids (and adults too!). Hummus provides tons of healthful benefits, including fiber, protein and healthy fats. And the carrots are fantastic for eye development and important vitamins and minerals. If your child doesn’t like carrots, celery, cucumbers and peppers are also a great choice.

  • Buy Hummos-Single Serve Packets on Amazon: $13.95 for 10 Hummus Packs + $1.99 for 16oz Bag of Carrots
  • Cost per snack: $1.40 + $0.50 = $1.90

The cheapest way to go would be to forget the individual portion sizes. Instead, buy the family size and break the foods into individual servings yourself.

What healthy school snacks do you like?

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