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Want a Healthier Mind? Get it All Out of Your Head!

Want a Healthier Mind? Get it All Out of Your Head! @ SheerBalance.comYou’ve heard the statistic before: we have 60,000 – 90,000 thoughts in one day, and up to 80% of those thoughts are the same ones we had yesterday.

Why do you keep thinking about the same things over and over? You need a place to put them – a place to get them out of your head.

Journaling allows you to freely and openly express your deepest feelings without censorship or the interference or judgment of others.

Journaling gives you an opportunity to be with your innermost thoughts, so you can think through situations and life, and explore them at a deeper, more meaningful level.

Maintaining a journal encourages greater self-awareness and promotes a deeper connection with your emotions, even those that are difficult or painful. The more connected you are to your emotions and thoughts, the more prepared you are to experience growth and personal development.

In other words, you’re better equipped to identify your dreams, passions, and fears, and the things that need change.

Make the Most of Your Journaling Time

  • Set a Goal. Sitting down to write may feel a bit forced at first, so start with writing for a set amount of time – around 10 minutes a day – to help establish a habit.
  • Pick a Method. This is a simple one – paper or digital? Do you type faster than your write? Do you enjoy curling up with a paper and pen? Pick the method that you feel most comfortable with.
  • Anything Goes. What do you write about during that 10 minutes each day? Anything you want! Goals, dreams, fears, what happened that day, what you’re upset about, what you wish was different. There are zero limits and infinite possibilities. Pick the first subject that comes to mind and write anything you want.
  • Get Creative. If words aren’t your strong suit, you can journal through photos, videos, drawings – anything that feels comfortable. Again, there are no limits to how you keep your journal, but the most consistent you are, the more benificial.

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Adapted from 52 Small Changes for the Mind by Brett Blumenthal. Used with permission from Chronicle Books and author Brett Blumenthal.

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