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Health IS your Wealth…

This past weekend I was completely caught off guard:  I got the flu…and I’m still getting over it.  I know…I know…it is the season…or maybe the end of the flu season and I should have expected it, but nonetheless, I didn’t.  And when I got it…it stunk.  During the worst of it, my fever rose to over 102 degrees (and stayed there for 24 hours) and I was relegated to curling up like a ball under 3 blankets, wishing I could just drift away to another place…away from the chills…away from the pain in my throat…away from my throbbing head…away from the cough that felt like it was going to tear my insides and head to shreds.

Our health is so precious and when we have it, we take it for granted.  Often, we find ourselves overdoing it in all aspects of life: working hard…playing hard…sleeping the bare minimum, etc.; but when we get hit with some awful bug it can prove to be devastating. During the ‘worst’ of it, I was reminded of how important our health is and that when you don’t have it…you pretty much have nothing.   You really could care less about anything other than feeling better…feeling healthy…feeling ready and willing to take on the day and to live life.

Mind you, this is the flu we are talking about…nothing really serious for most people…and yet, it still packs a powerful punch.  As a result, it made me stop and think for a minute about all of the individuals out there with serious, serious health issues…whether short term, long term or even terminal…how very awful it must be to go through treatments, hospital visits, uncertainty, pain and even worse, the possibility of death, day after day.  I can’t even imagine how challenging it must be…how the thought of giving up could be so attractive.

I’m not trying to be morbid…if anything, I’m trying to talk about how precious our health is and that we should be thankful for the days when we don’t have any ailments, disease, viruses, etc.  We should respect ourselves, value our health, worship our bodies and cherish our souls.  Every day that we can live healthy is a gift to be treasured.  And the more days that we live healthy, the more we gift ourselves.  We must make the commitment to treat our bodies and minds with care and to nurture them.  We do this through all aspects of personal sustainability: mind, body, soul and personal environment.

So if you are healthy today, give a little thanks and treasure every minute of it.

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