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Goodbye Carpet, Hello FLOR

Flor Tileby Brett Blumenthal

When we moved into our condo three years ago, my husband and I knew that the crappy beige carpet that came with the condo had to go.  It was obviously one of the cheapest carpets that the management company could find and install.  At first, we looked into putting down bamboo flooring: it was a sustainable and eco-friendly material, and it would give the condo a very upscale finished look.  After getting a few estimates, we quickly realized we would need to find another option. 

Both my husband and I were interested in a product that would promote a ‘healthy home’.  What does this mean?  That whatever we put down on our floor didn’t emit toxins into the air, that the material was renewable or sustainable and that the company that manufactured the product was dedicated to sustainable practices.  As a result, we turned to Interface Flor Tiles: a modular tile carpet system.  After the job was completed, we were amazed at the difference the floor tile made.  It looked a million times better and cost next to nothing.  Here are a few reasons to think about the product next time you have a re-flooring project:

  1. Modularity Makes it Easy: At 18 inches x 18 inches, FLOR allows for great flexibility and variety in use. You can use it as an area rug or wall-to-wall carpet. 
  2. Martha and Disney Approve: Carpet tile might conjur up images of a boring office, but FLOR has great patterns, textures and colors.  Moreover, Martha Stewart and Disney have partnered with FLOR to create some great looks and designs.
  3. Cheap and Easy to Install: Installation requires FLOR’s Easy Dots™, one-sided adhesives that, when placed underneath adjacent carpet tiles, fasten the tiles to each other instead of to the floor. There is NO glue and NO padding! The dots hold everything from area rugs to wall-to-wall carpets in place. An area rug takes about an hour to install, while wall-to-wall takes an afternoon.  
  4. Your Style…Your Way: Because it comes in tiles, FLOR allows you to mix and match and create your own look. Also, since they are tiles and the installation doesn’t require glue, your designs aren’t permanent, making it easy to change the design if you don’t like your first attempt.
  5. Goodbye Carpet Stains: If Fido has a bladder issue, FLOR tiles are a great solution.  Because the tiles can be pulled up individually, all you have to do is pull up the tile that is stained and either clean it or if the stain is really bad, replace it.  The whole carpet does not get ruined. 
  6. Safe for your Home and Family: All FLOR have the lowest VOC (new carpet smell) in the industry.  This keeps your home free from chemicals and chemical smells.
  7. Eco-Friendly: The carpet tiles are made out of nylon or natural fibers like hemp or wool.  The backings of the tiles are a composite, made up of some recycled materials.

So next time you think you might want to re-do your floors…think about some sustainable options that will be healthy both for the environment and for you!

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