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Getting a Head Start on Your New Year’s Resolution

Most years, I come up with my New Year’s resolutions on…well…New Year’s Eve.  This year, I’ve changed my ways and am getting a jump start!  No more last minute ideas!  I have lots o’ planning to do!

Generally, my New Year’s resolutions run the gamut of addressing various aspects of my life:  health, career,  self-improvement,  relationships, community and the environment.  Some have been easier to follow through on and others, not as much.

Starting the planning process, however, right after Thanksgiving, seems like a great way to ensure that your resolution is a solid one.  One with purpose.  One with realistic goals attached.  And most importantly, one that has a ‘roadmap’ to make it happen!

One of my health resolutions for the New Year is to start getting out of my workout rut of doing pure cardio and pure strength training.  I want to add some flexibility, and a little spice and variety to my exercise routines, mixing in some yoga and/or pilates.  This will require a little planning: 1) I’ll need to find a good, reputable yoga or pilates studio and 2) I’ll need to dedicate one to two days a week to going to classes.  With a little work in November and December, I may even resolve my resolution by the 1st of January!

With this philosophy in mind, I thought it would be great to get the Sheer Balance community together on trying this ‘never too early for a New Year’s Resolution’ idea.  And to help make it easy, I’ll create a universal roadmap, where every couple of weeks, I’ll blog on ‘to-dos’ to help those of you who are interested in making some healthy changes for the upcoming year.  I’d love nothing more than for the Sheer Balance community to work together to be healthier!

So, to get this resolution party started…what are YOUR New Year’s resolutions around health?  Have you come up with any yet?  Share with us!

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