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Get a Massage – Your Brain Will Thank You

Get a Massage - Your Brain Will Thank You @ SheerBalance.comIf someone told you to go get a massage, you probably wouldn’t resist much.

So here you go: Go get a massage!

Getting a massage may sound luxurious and self-indulgent, but it actually offers many mental and physical benefits. Massage has been shown to reduce stress, tension, blood pressure, eyestrain, headaches, and pain. Further, it improves sleep patterns, breathing, relaxation, and the overall mind-body connection.

If you’ve never gotten a professional massage before, it may seem a bit overwhelming and downright personal. Male or female massage therapist? What is a good price? Some clothes or no clothes? What massage style?

Get the Most from Your Massage

  • Know Your Body. We all hold tension in different parts of our body. Take some time to notice where you feel sore, tense, or tired at the end of the day. This is information that your massage therapist will want to know and will help you enjoy the massage even more.
  • Any Time is Good. Getting an hour-long massage is spectacular, but not everyone has time for that on a regular basis. Even a short 15-30-minute chair massage can relieve physical and mental tension, so snag any time you can get.
  • Start with Medium Pressure. Like Yoga, there are countless massage styles and the choices can be overwhelming. If this is your first professional massage, it’s recommended you try a Swedish Massage because involves a medium amount of pressure to reach the muscles through vibration, tapping, kneading, stroking, and friction.
  • Make it a (Cheap) Date. A professional massage is wonderful and I highly recommend then, but you can also find great books about basic massage techniques. Pick up a copy and share the experience with someone special.

Physical touch can be a sensitive subject for many people, so experience massage at any level that feels comfortable to you in an environment where you feel safe and relaxed.

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Adapted from 52 Small Changes for the Mind by Brett Blumenthal. Used with permission from Chronicle Books and author Brett Blumenthal.

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