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Effective Product for Icing a Knee Injury

RICE, or rest, ice, compression and elevation, is a well known treatment for acute injuries and joint pain.  The rest is necessary to heal, while the ice, compression and elevation decrease swelling and diminish pain. I have always found RICE to be more of a chore than anything else.  This is probably due to my laziness in resorting to a leaky Ziploc bag stuffed with ice which seemingly “ices” everything including the couch, the cat and the skin and muscles around the actual injury.  Further, as an active individual, the thought of sitting still for 20 minutes seems more painful than the injury itself.  As I get older, however, I’m realizing that sloughing off injuries as if they will miraculously heal on their own isn’t all that realistic.  So icing has become part of my repertoire.

Moji recently sent me their Moji Knee product* – an icing and compression product in one – to try.  Desperate to find a new and convenient way to ice my knee, I was happy to give the product a trial run.

What it is: Moji is a two-piece product which incorporates a Moji Compression Wrap and Moji Cold Cell.  The Compression Wrap acts like a soft fabric knee brace that  holds the Cold Cell in place so that you can effectively ice your knee without necessarily needing to sit still for the full 20 minutes.  The Cold Cell can remain in the freezer until you’re ready to use it, and remains cold for the typical recommended 20-minute icing protocol.

Here’s my take on the product:

  1. Convenience: Moji is extremely convenient.  The Cold Cell goes into the freezer and is ready whenever you are.  You can also take the Cold Cell with you in a cooler for on-the-go icing.  Further, the Compression Wrap eliminates the need for towels, plastic bags or something to hold the Cold Cell into place.
  2. Comfort: With the my approach, I’d find that the icepack wouldn’t conform to my knee or that certain parts of the knee would get TOO much exposure, while others didn’t get enough.  The whole process was awkward and cumbersome.  Moji, however, wraps around your knee and is designed to work with the shape of your knee so that you have the ability to move freely, yet cover all the whole knee properly. The Compression Wrap is made with Polartec fabric which allows you to compress the knee WHILE icing, and allows you to adjust the amount of pressure so that it is comfortable.  Further, Moji Knee comes in three different sizes, ensuring that you get a proper fit.
  3. Messiness: Moji is completely contained, meaning no leaks or condensation on the couch or cat.  You also don’t have to make ice.
  4. Effectiveness: Because of Moji’s two piece system, the Cold Cell is held in place for more effective and targeted icing.  Further, the Compression Wrap makes it easy to effectively put the right amount of pressure on the area, making the whole process more effective.

In short, if you tend to have knee pain and are tired of the old fashioned ice-in-a-bag or other methods that are less than optimal, I highly recommend you give Moji a try.  You can purchase Moji Knee on Amazon.


* Moji Knee was provided to Sheer Balance for review purposes.

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