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Eco Mist Solutions: A Kitchen Cleaner You Can Eat?

You have to love when a cleaning product doesn’t have any ingredients listed on their label. There is a reason for that: law doesn’t require them to. This is to product companies’ advantage, as well:  more often than not, the ingredients are toxic.  Ted Fagan, founder of Eco Mist Solutions, however, set out a mission to change that.  His company creates a line of cleaning products for both the home and for commercial use that are 100% natural and toxin-free.

When I picked up a bottle of the Kitchen Cleaner “Kitchen Plus,” I was a bit skeptical of its power. After all, they DO list their ingredients, and they include: non-chlorinated water, corn, tree sap, grass, potatoes, and sugarcane.  Sounds more like a funky farmer concoction than a cleaner to me!

In all honesty, however, it was a breath of fresh air (pardon the pun) to find such non-toxic ingredients: safe enough to eat, but supposedly strong enough to clean. Is a matter of fact, to date, “all of Eco Mist Solutions’ ingredients have been recognized as being ‘Food’ surface safe.” Sure, safety comes first, but how does Eco Mist Solutions stack up against other kitchen cleaners? All in all, pretty well. Here are some details:

Cleaning Power: Kitchen Plus does a decent job (worthy of Clorox’s 409) of getting up the typical food and muck from kitchen counters and cabinets. Granted, a little elbow grease or a sponge with a scrub side doesn’t hurt for the tougher jobs.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals): Whether you know what VOCs are or not, you don’t want them in your home.  VOCs off-gas the smells that often come with household cleaners that are toxic to breathe.  Bleach is one common household cleaner that is infamous for its smell.  That smell, although we are trained to think it means ‘clean’, isn’t good for you or your lungs.  Eco Mist Solutions Kitchen Plus has no odor, no toxic chemicals and hence, no VOCs.

Wide Variety: The company is dedicated to making highly effective cleaners, all from 100% non-toxic and natural ingredients.  To do so, they have come up with multiple formulations to address every household need.   Everything from BBQ Cleaners, Deck Wash and Patio Furniture Cleaners to highly specialized surface cleaners for the home, including those formulated for granite and counter tops, stainless steel, hardwood, carpet, tile and glass.

The Drawback: Unfortunately, Eco Mist Solutions is based in Canada…and as a result, their products are not widely distributed throughout the US or the rest of the world.  You can purchase their products, however, online at Home Depot Canada.  All their cleaners are reasonably priced from $5.99 – $7.99 (Canadian Dollars).

Have you tried these cleaners?  Would you recommend any of them?


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