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Please Don’t Stop the Music

Every day I walk to work…to and from takes about a total of 40 minutes.  This gives me a lot of one on one time with my IPod.  I have over a thousand songs on my IPod…everything from U2 to Rihanna to Andrea Bocelli…you could say I have eclectic taste in music.  There is a reason for this.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a very strong, emotional bond with music.  I’ve tried to explain this to people, and I can’t say that everyone understands it.  For some people, music is just something nice to listen to.  It is background.  It is a melody.  It is a beat.  For me, music isn’t any of these things.  For me, music is a passion.

Basically, if you really get down to the nuts and bolts of it…music provides a continual anthem to my life.  A theme song if you will.  With every step, with every mood, I can find a soundtrack to fit.  If I’m feeling adventurous and yearning for something new and exciting, I might get lost in the soundtrack of 1492 by Vangelis or Gladiator by Hans Zimmer.  If I’m feeling sexy, cool and vampy, I’ll pump Rihanna’s Please Don’t Stop the Music through my speakers.  If I’m feeling playful and fun, I’ll listen to Take me Outby Franz Ferdinand or KT Tunstall.  If I feel energetic, ready to take on the world or to run a fast 3.5 miles, a high energy techno song will drive me to the finish line.  If I’m entertaining an elegant dinner party, Andrea Bocelli’s or Sarah Brightman’s beautiful and romantic voices set the tone and well, if I feel like a bad _ss, I might just put on Shut Up by the Black Eyed Peas.  The list goes on. Every minute of every day my moods…my feelings…my emotions all could be captured in some piece of music.

Why am I telling you this?  Because each of us needs passion in our lives.  Passion helps drive us.   It provides us with the fuel we need to accomplish goals…to love…to dream…to yearn…to soar.  With passion we can find a spirituality…connections with our soul…ways to express ourselves.  Finding a passion and allowing it to be an integral part of your life provides you with a fuller, more meaningful existence.  For me, music is one of those passions.  It moves me…it inspires me…it captures the essence of my being.  I use music to help me get in touch with some of my deepest emotions and feelings.  I use music to motivate me.  I use music as a tool to access my alter egos.  I use music to tap into my creativity.  For me, music has the power to make me relax and unwind, as much as it has the ability to get me through a really tough and arduous workout.

We all need motivation.  We all need inspiration.  We all need spirit.  Finding a passion and incorporating it into your daily life is a great way to connect with yourself…to access your inner being…and to help you accomplish what you set out to.  Whatever your passions may be, cherish them and indulge in them.  Intertwine your passions into your every day activities.  For instance, when you exercise, find what it is that will motivate you to get through to the end…whether it be driving music, the ocean and landscape, your dog or beating your time from your last run…recognize that motivational element and let it consume you…not the exercise.  When it comes to being creative, find what releases your inner creativity.  When it comes to work, do what you love and what gets you out of bed each morning.  Find your passion…and don’t let it stop.

What drives and motivates you?

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