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Develop Your Intuition for Improved Happiness

IntuitionFor years, I found myself struggling to trust my intuition. I would constantly question myself, my feelings and my thoughts, wondering if they were coming from an “invalid” place. Even when I knew my gut was right, I still would question myself. Luckily, over time I learned to trust my inner reactions more, but I feel there is always room for improvement.

Our intuition plays a very important role in our happiness. It helps us make decisions and carve out a life for ourselves that is true to who we are and what we want. Intuition is a “gut feel,” or a “sixth sense” about something. An ability to listen to it closely makes it easier for us to assess situations to understand what is in our best interest and when things aren’t quite right. If you find it difficult to trust your own, there are a few things you can do to develop the skill:

  1. Enjoy the Silence: Give yourself time each day to meditate and focus in silence. Try to shut off your “thinking cap” and instead, calm your mind by attempting not to think, or analyze problems. Be open and let your thoughts flow freely. Let your thoughts guide you, instead of you guiding them.
  2. Be Alert: Intuition is often built on what is going on around you. If you are confronted with a situation that causes a reaction, observe your surroundings and environment, listen carefully to your thoughts and responses, and gather information accordingly.
  3. Go with Your Gut: If something doesn’t “feel right,” then there is a good chance it isn’t. Instead of arguing away those feelings, or coming up with reasons why you shouldn’t think a certain way, listen to your inner voice. Practice trusting it and making decisions predicated on what your gut tells you.

The more you practice the above, the more you’ll build confidence in your ability to listen to your intuition.

Do you struggle with trusting your gut? Have you worked on it? What have you done?

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