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Cheap Ways to Get Your “Spa” on

Chances are that a lot of us have been cutting back on our spending in areas that seem “unnecessary” or “luxurious”.  Makes sense:  Budgets are tighter…economy is up in the air…and saving is a higher priority.  So more likely than not, a trip to the spa is not in the offing too soon, or at least not as regularly as it used to be.

Going to the spa, however, provides a lot of benefits beyond the touchy-feely stuff.  Getting a massage , or even a facial, can provide benefits of relaxation, stress release and flushing of toxins.  The mind-body benefits are hard to argue.  As a result, if you can’t get to the spa, try making spa a part of your life at home.  It is cheap, fun and rewarding.  Here are a few ways to indulge and decompress:

  1. Home Hydrotherapy:  I talk about bathes a lot.  The truth is, they can be extremely therapeutic and relaxing.  They also can help your muscles loosen, letting go of the tension that builds up on a daily basis.  Use bath oils to help curb dehydration of your skin.
  2. Couples Massage with a Twist: At the spa, a couple’s massage is one where you and another person get a massage together.  At home, you can morph this into giving one another massages.  Take turns on different nights.  Dedicate two nights a week as massage nights.  Alternate who gives and who gets so that both of you benefit.  If you are single, you can always opt for a “friendship” massage.  Ask a friend to partake in giving and receiving shoulder, neck and back massages.
  3. Mani-Pedi: Personally, this is where I cut back my spending.  I’ve started giving myself manicures and pedicures instead of going to a nail salon.  I discovered that I actually like it better.  I’m more thorough, use clean tools, and can manage touch ups more easily.  Further, I don’t have to worry about getting any foot fungus or other infections from careless disinfection.  If your hand isn’t very steady, ask a friend to paint your nails for you.[ad#Clarisonic]
  4. Facials: Facials are very good for our skin.  However, getting them on the recommended six to eight week basis can be a bit costly these days.  To keep your skin looking really good, invest in high quality skin-care products that don’t have toxic or irritating ingredients.  And invest in the CLARISONIC Skin Care System.  It is a great product that gently removes embedded dirt and oil from your skin.  It also helps to reduce the appearance of pore size, fine lines and wrinkles.  You can use this on a regular basis.

Don’t let the economy hurt your beauty care and mind-body care regimens!

What do you do to keep yourself feeling and looking your best on a budget?  Are you still going to the spa?

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