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Chocolate Zucchini and Carrot Muffins

Although my son was a good vegetable eater in his first couple of years, I’ve found that during the 2.5 – 4  year old stage he has been resisting them. It breaks my heart, but I’ve been determined to find…...

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Holiday Pumpkin Cake

This recipe was given to me from a friend, and I’ve taken a few liberties with it. It is actually called “Thanksgiving Cake” and rightly so, it is made with pumpkin. That said, I think it is a great dessert…...

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This is a super easy recipe, very versatile, and really delicious. Keep in mind, there seem to be a lot of steps but most of them require the ingredients to sit and cool. Tropical Fruit Delight can be eaten with yogurt, ice cream, stirred into cereal, spread like jam, or frozen to yield delicious tropical popsicle....

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This parfait is much healthier than those that you buy at Starbucks! High in fiber and protein, not only will it be tasty, but it will keep you filled up!...

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