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Back to School Tips: Getting Organized

backtoschoolBack to School can be quite a change of pace from the schedule-less summer we have gotten accustomed to over the past few months. Its easy to feel overwhelmed but with a little planning ahead you can make the transition seamless! Start this school year off on the right foot and establish a routine to stay ahead of the game, keep your weekdays stress-free and make the most healthful choices for you and your children.

Pick one-day a week to organize:

  • Choose one day you have a little extra time to get ready for the week ahead. Sundays might be a perfect time for this. Use this time to make grocery lists, to-do lists, donʼt forget lists, or any list that your week ahead requires to keep you focused and ahead of schedule.
  • Technology offers so many reminders, checklists and calendars that can help keep you in order. If you’d prefer to go the traditional route, you can use printable to-do lists:

Plan Snacks & Lunches Ahead of time:

Get your children involved:

  • Do you hear yourself repeating the same list of questions and demands each morning to get your kids out the door with everything they need? Give your kids greater responsibility by having them take part in their own morning routine. Have them make a checklist the night before with everything they need to do before racing out the door. Print out a blank check list to fill in or make your own. Introduce star stickers, colored checks or anything that will inspire your children to be ready for the day to come. Blank checklists:

These check lists will also help you stay one step ahead this school year:

With a little planning ahead, you’ll feel more prepared for the school year. Get your family working as a team so that you can be happy and healthy together.

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