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Ask Brett: Is it Time to Take the Next Step in Change?

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Question: I’m currently working through A Whole New You: Six Steps to Ignite Change for Your Best Life and wanted to know, how do I know it’s time to stop spending time on a step or stage within the process of change or transformation, and should move on to the next step?

John from Texas, USA

When we undergo change or transformation, it is very personal, may require extra time and patience, and is likely non-linear. As we do work to uncover aspects of ourselves that may have been “buried” for some time, create our visions for the future, and make plans to forge ahead, we may find there’s more work to do than we originally thought. Sometimes we learn more about ourselves and come to find what we once thought or believed might have been misguided. If anyone approaches change or transformation strictly as a “to-do” list, checking-off each step as they go, they may potentially rush the process and could do themselves a disservice. A good approach is to spend the time you need so you feel comfortable when you do move forward in the process.

Each person and each person’s experiences, changes and strengths are unique. Some people may breeze through the self-discovery process quickly, only to find that planning for change and making it happen is where they struggle. On the other hand, some may need more time uncovering their authentic self, but once they do, they find the planning and implementation stages quite easy.

My best advice is this: Trust your intuition. If you start to move forward and you feel like you are rushing or forcing something, there is probably good reason for that feeling. If, however, you start to move forward with changes and you feel confident and excited, even if there is a little “scariness” along the way, it means you are ready. Just remember, flexibility is important too. If you move forward and need to tweak things, accept this as part of the process. Flexibility is key!
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