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Accepting Change When You Don’t Want To

_Your-attitude-towards-changes-you-don't-1Last week, I received news from three different sources that represented a decent amount of change for me. First, my editor informed me that she was leaving my publisher for a new career in the non-profit sector. Second, my literary agent let me know that she has chosen to go solo and leave the agency she has been with for the last several years. And, finally, my part-time employee who I count on tremendously, shared that she was feeling overwhelmed and unsure if she could handle the workload, and so, was considering ending her employment with me.

Although each person feared my reaction, none of it phased me. If anything, I was thrilled for my editor: she is entering the non-profit sector to follow her passion for the environment. I was excited for my agent: she is fantastic and I have no doubt she will be successful. And, I was completely sympathetic to my employee: we’ve all been overwhelmed.

Each person was grateful for, and somewhat relieved about my attitude about their news. I believe in change. And, not supporting them in their own personal changes, even though it impacted me, would be quite hypocritical! But when we don’t get to choose the change that is foisted upon us, change can be difficult to accept. During my years in change management, time and time again, I would see so many people rail against it.

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Looking at change with the right frame of mind, however, even change which you don’t expect or don’t want, can prove to be extremely rewarding and beneficial. If you are faced with some sort of change you weren’t expecting, try keeping the following in mind:

  1. Change Often Means Progress: Without change, we stagnate. As comfortable as the status quo can be, it can also keep us stuck, and that unto itself can detract from our happiness. Sure, comfort is great, but so is progress. Look at change as an opportunity to grow, learn and even change yourself.
  2. Change Challenges Us: When we have to face change, we are challenged to respond in new and different ways. Sometimes, we will need to meet new people. Sometimes we will need to think or act differently. Sometimes our jobs will change and require us to develop new skills. When we are challenged in new ways, we thrive and feel good about ourselves, feel a new sense of life and excitement, and maybe best yet, our minds tend to stay more sharp and youthful.
  3. Change Brings Better Things: Nine times out of ten, change represents something positive. When change happens, it means that somehow, somewhere, something wasn’t working. And, although you might not see how it relates to you today, inevitably it would tomorrow. Have a little faith in the idea that “things happen for a reason,” and embrace the change as something good.

Now it’s your turn. Have you been faced with changes you haven’t wanted or expected? What was your attitude towards the change? How did you deal with them? Share in the comments below. Remember that your experiences can help others in finding ways to grapple with similar issues!

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