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P90X in 90 Seconds: Ab Ripper X Workout Video

If your core is not strong, the Ab Ripper X workout will seem nearly impossible. And, if your core IS strong, this workout will still be pretty intense. It is made up of 11 abdominal exercises with 25 repetitions of each (50 when you do 25 on each side). In total, you are doing over 300 abdominal exercises.

What I suggest is that if you are just starting out, you should start with as many repetitions of each exercise as you can physically do. Record the number of repetitions in a journal and then the next time you do Ab Ripper X, increase your repetitions by at least two to five. Keep increasing your repetitions until you are able to do all 25 repetitions for all of the abdominal exercises in the workout.

As a reminder, here is the workout format, my original level of enjoyment and my current level of enjoyment:

Abdominal Exercises Difficulty Level of Enjoyment (At Start) Level of Enjoyment (Now)
In & Out 2 Liked Like
Seated Bicycle 4 Hated Dislike
Seated Crunchy Frog 3 Tolerated Like
Crossed Leg / Wide Leg Sit-Up 4 Disliked Tolerate
Fifer Scissor 3 Tolerated Tolerate
Hip Rock’N Raise 2 Liked Like
Pulse-up (Heels to Heaven) 2 Liked Like
Roll-up / V-Up Combo 5 Disliked Like
Oblique V-Up 3 Tolerated Like
Leg Climb 5 Hated Dislike
Mason (Kayak) Twist 3 Liked Like

As you can see, my overall “enjoyment” level has increased for Ab Ripper X. That said, the abdominal exercises that I dislike the most are those that are either “awkward” to do or engage muscles beyond the abs (such as the seated bicycle and leg climb). This is due to my lack of flexibility in my legs.

Do you think you’d like the Ab Ripper X workout of P90X now that you’ve seen the workout video?

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