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A Whole New You – Ignite Change for Your Best Life!

A Whole New YouWhether you want to start eating healthy, switch careers or improve a relationship, Brett Blumenthal’s A Whole New You inspires readers to take control of their lives and to live at their very best. Using her own experience with personal reinvention, professional work as a change management consultant, and research within psychology and human behavior, Blumenthal breaks down how to successfully reinvent your life in six steps. Each stage is complete with explanations, action steps, tools and resources to enable readers to follow through when attempting personal change.

Readers will discover how to:

  • Identify signs that change is needed and that they are ready for change
  • Uncover their authentic self and discover what will bring them ultimate happiness
  • Create a realistic vision for their best life
  • Take action towards bringing their vision towards reality
  • Build a plan to be successful in transformation, reinvention and making change

Further, readers will learn how to overcome potential roadblocks, learn how to keep motivation high and how to make modifications to their plan if the plan isn’t working.

A Whole New You is for anyone ready to make a change but not sure where to begin, or for someone who has tried to make a life improvement in the past but failed. Here’s a chance to finally use the right tools and knowledge to achieve your goals.

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