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A Scale You Will Love

For millions of Americans, the struggle with weight gain is a constant battle, and one that is, unfortunately, often lost more often than won. Each year millions of Americans die from diseases associated with obesity, including hypertension and diabetes. In many cases, dietary education and planning coupled with exercise would have lengthened the lives and living standards of many of these people.

Today, there are products and services that are becoming available to assist in the rapidly expanding market of home diet and nutrition education. One of the newest, and most exciting, is called a nutrition scale. These amazing kitchen gadgets look and function like normal counter top kitchen scales, weighing foods in both grams and ounces. Unlike most other kitchen scales, however, these have the ability to calculate exact nutrient values contained in any sized food portion. The scales have an internal database of hundreds of different foods, any of which can be placed on the scale and calculated. So instead of guessing how many calories are in the handful of peanuts you have, you can simply place them on the scale and calculate the exact amount. This technology provides both practical reinforcement for a diet and nutrition education for long-term self dependency.

Of the nutrition scales on the market today, the EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale is one the most complete and well designed. The scale stores information on 999 foods, but more importantly it emphasizes fresh, whole foods that typically do not come with USDA nutrition fact labels on them. Additionally, the EatSmart scale calculates the exact values for 12 nutrients, considerably more than others on the market.

The top five benefits of this scale include:[ad#Eat Smart Nutrition Scale]

  1. Precision: The scale precisely calculates the calories, carbs, fiber, sodium, fats, Vitamin K and six other nutrients from thousands of packaged foods and 999 whole foods.
  2. Goal Oriented: The scale gives you the ability to seamlessly add or subtract food on the scale to reach a desired nutritional goal.
  3. Memory Mode: You can save up to 99 entries for quick reference.
  4. Package Weight Subtraction: The Tare function allows users to subtract the container’s weight, in order to obtain the precise weight of its contents.
  5. Educational: The EatSmart Nutrition Scale provides nutritional information that helps people to make informed food choices and encourages “food intake training”. Moreover, the scale comes with a nutrition guidebook to help you understand how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Using nutrition scales can help you to understand how to eat better and how to make smarter choices. Over time you should be able to remove relatively unhealthy food choices from your diet and replace them with nutrient rich foods that you enjoy.

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