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A New You in 2009: Resolution Roadmap – Final Week!

Well, the New Year is just around the corner and you have been actively pursuing your New Year’s Resolutions pre-New Year.  It must feel great!  You have gone through three weeks of preparation and you are finally in the last leg of preparing for ‘A New You in 2009’.

Last week, we focused on making smart choices in regards to your diet and nutrition, and rounding out your workout to include not only cardio, but also strength training, core training and flexibility training…all important to ensuring you are taking good care of your body.

This final week is meant to give you all that you need to continue on with your journey to a new you.  So, you should think of it as ‘the final week and moving forward’.

General To-Dos. Now that you have had a few weeks of preparation, it is time to be serious and to commit to yourself.  You are ready to fully work on living a healthier lifestyle!

  • Start a Lifestyle Journal. Use this to help you record your progress.  You can write anything you want in it, including: what you eat, what activities you do, your feelings and emotions and anything else.  This is for you…not for anyone else.  So make it what you want.
  • Calculate your BMI and LBM. There are several ways to measure your health.  None of them are perfect and each one has its positives and negatives.  If you use several measures, however, you can gauge the general trend of where you stand health and weight wise.
    • Use these as a guide.  You want to be sure that you don’t obsess over the specific numbers.  Instead, focus on the ‘ranges’ into which you fall.
    • Record the numbers in your journal.  Record not only the actual results of the calculations, but the measurements you take.  These will be your point of reference as you continue on your journey to a New You in 2009.
    • Repeat Monthly.  Retake your measurements and recalculate your BMI and LBM every month.  A month gives you enough time to see results and to see how your new lifestyle is working.

Nutrition – Complete the Picture. At this point, you know what you should and shouldn’t eat, and you should have broken bad habits and started healthier ones. Now it is time to be sure you are getting the right amounts of nutrients.

  • Calculate your Ideal Caloric Needs.  Base your calculation on what you weigh today. Once you know how many calories you need to maintain your current body weight, use the below guidelines to maintain, gain or lose weight as you need.  Whatever you do, however, make sure the calories you consume remain within appropriate proportions of protein, carbs and fat.
    • With your ideal caloric requirements, again, understand that these are guides. Every person is different and responds differently to nutrition and to different foods. That said, make sure you are eating enough and not starving yourself.
    • If you are currently at your ideal weight and gain weight at the recommended caloric intake, back off 200 calories a day for about a week. If you are still gaining weight, back off another 200 calories a day for a week until you stop gaining weight.
    • If you are at your ideal weight and lose weight at the recommended caloric intake, add 200 calories a day for about a week. If you are still losing weight, add another 200 calories a day for a week until you stop losing weight.
    • If you are trying to lose weight (body fat), the most common guideline for calorie deficits for fat loss is to reduce your caloric intake by at least 500 calories a day, but not more than 1000 below your maintenance level(result from the calculation). The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends that calorie levels never drop below 1200 calories per day for women or 1800 per day for men.
    • If you are trying to gain weight, add 200 calories per day to your recommended caloric intake for a week.  If you aren’t seeing a difference, try adding an additional 200 calories per day for a week until you do start gaining weight.
  • Eat balanced and eat often. Continue eating the 4 to 6 times a day you started a few weeks ago. However, make sure that each small meal is balanced. This will keep you from getting hungry and will also make sure that you are getting appropriate amounts of nutrients

Fitness – Raising the Bar and Maintenance. Continue progressing each week by raising your heart rate a little bit higher and extending your workout to be a little bit longer. Make sure your routines incorporate all types of training so that you are keeping your workout well-rounded to train all your systems of the body. Look at some of our examples of workout formats that are under an hour, but incorporate diversified exercises. Enjoy yourself. Exercise should be fun, not dreadful. Continue doing what you love and stick to it. You’ll be glad you did!

Well my friends, this is the end of your Roadmap!  We’ll be checking in with you in the next couple of weeks to see how things are going!  Hope you have a wonderful New Year and we look forward to hearing about your success stories in 2009!

Let us know how the resolution roadmap has been working for you so far.  Did you find it helpful?  Did you hope to do more?  Was it easy or difficult to stick to?

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