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5 Best Nutrition Bars to Pack in Your Suitcase

When we are on the road, it can be especially challenging to find a healthy snack or food choice that is made with whole, all-natural ingredients. As a result, it pays to think ahead and pack for the trip. There are some great options out there that are great for long-term packing, that will keep you satisfied. Nutrition bars, on the whole, have become the go to “food choice” for fast meal replacement or quick bites. Unfortunately, they aren’t all created equal. Many of them contain preservatives, saturated fat, high amounts of soy, and artificial ingredients. None of which make them a healthy snack. Further, many of them aren’t very well-balanced, are high in sugar and use low-quality ingredients.

Next time you pack your carry-on, consider one of these five nutrition bars as an optimal food choice for in-flight, in the airport, in the hotel…or wherever your business trip takes you. All of these are packed with healthy fats and tons of vitamins and minerals making them a healthy snack to satisfy!

  1. Lara Bar: What do you get if you mash up nuts and dried fruit? A Lara Bar. 99.9% of Lara Bars are made with whole ingredients. I say 99.9% because a few of the flavors contain chocolate chips, which are made with sugar. Sugar isn’t whole…it is highly processed. That said, these are fantastic as a healthy snack and food choice on the go. Many of their bars only have 3 ingredients and most of them are sweetened with dates and figs…not sugar. A few flavors to try: Pecan Pie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Cashew Cookie (only two ingredients!), and Cherry Pie.  Buy Lara Bars on Amazon
  2. Kind Bar: Unlike the Lara Bar, the Kind Bar isn’t mashed up. You actually can see many of the ingredients…in their whole and unprocessed form. An almond looks like an almond, a date looks like a date. In short, I love the Kind Bar as a food choice for travel. The one drawback is that they do contain some ingredients that aren’t what I would normally consider “whole,” such as glucose or soy lecithin.  That said, they are a healthy snack that can easily be found in many Starbucks. So, if you don’t pack them in your carry on, you’ll be sure to find them at a Starbucks in the airport or anywhere else you go for that matter. Buy Kind Bars on Amazon
  3. Gnu Foods Flavor & Fiber Bars: Unfortunately, as healthy a food choice as they are, these bars are hard to find. They are specifically a healthy snack because they are loaded with fiber…half a day’s worth is a matter of fact. And, when we travel we can never have too much fiber to ensure regularity. Unlike its highly processed, un-whole, low-grade quality counterparts (FiberOne and others), Flavor & Fiber bars are much better as a healthy snack and on-the-go food choice. They come in some really tasty flavors…my personal favorites: Lemon Ginger and Chocolate Brownie. Buy Flavor & Fiber Bars on Amazon.
  4. Mrs. May’s Trio and Ultimate Bars: Another all-natural product company, Mrs. May’s, uses seeds, dried fruit and nuts in their bars. The Trio bars are a healthy snack made with three different nuts, seeds and real fruits, while Ultimate Bars are a good food choice for those individuals looking for an energy boost.  What I specifically like about Mrs. May’s is that there sugar content is on the lower side (only 2 – 6 grams per bar).  Buy Mrs. May’s Trio and Ultimate Bars on Amazon.
  5. Pure Bars This is a healthy snack that I just recently found. The company specifically prides itself in being organic and also uses mostly whole ingredients. They do add agave nectar to their bars, so they tend to be a bit higher in processed sugar, but I like that they use agave instead of evaporated cane juice (found in Mrs. May’s) or fruit juices (found in Gnu) or other sweeteners (found in Kind). Buy Pure Bars on Amazon

What have you had as a healthy snack on the go? Do you think these are a good food choice for your suitcase?

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