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8 Ways to Reward Yourself

When we work hard for something and finally achieve it, it is wonderful to celebrate and reward our accomplishments.  Whether the achievement is big or small, rewarding ourselves allows us to acknowledge our effort, while giving ourselves permission to bask in our own glory.

How we celebrate our accomplishments can be just as much fun as the accomplishment itself.  Here are some creative ways to let loose, have fun and give yourself a pat on the back!

  1. Indulge: Eating is as much a necessity as a social occasion.  Enjoying a meal with friends and family at your favorite restaurant allows you to splurge a little.  Order your favorite piece of chocolate cake and heck, throw in a candle while you’re at it!
  2. Bottle of Bubbly: Personally, I love champagne, cava (Spanish sparkling wine) and prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) at any time.  In my mind, there is no real need to have something to celebrate to enjoy the bubbly!  However, if you are the type who only pops the cork for special occasions, your accomplishment is as good a time as ever to enjoy!
  3. Get Pampered: Indulging yourself in a massage or another favorite treatment is a great way to reward yourself.  Go at a time when you don’t have to rush so that you can maximize your experience.
  4. GET OUT of Town: Get away for a day or two.  Even one night in a luxury hotel can feel like a real treat, while relaxing your mind and body so that you are ready to take on your next challenge.
  5. GO OUT ON the Town: Go out with your friends and paint the town whatever your heart desires.  Whether it be dancing, theater, karaoke, live music…enjoy a night of fun and festivity.
  6. Splurge: Have you been eying something but have been resisting the temptation to make the purchase?  Buying yourself a trinket that seems frivolous, yet luxurious is a great way to feel rewarded.
  7. Sleep: If you have been working your tail off to reach your goal, you may have compromised on some ZZZ’s.  Go to bed early and catch up on some much needed sleep.
  8. Theme Party: Throw a party that has a theme specific to your accomplishment!   If you just finished writing a book, have a theme of favorite literary icons.  If you just finished your degree, have a theme of what you majored in…let your creative juices flow!

So how do you reward yourself?

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