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8 Ways to Have More Fun

by Lauren Mackler

During a recent trip to Japan, I realized I wanted more fun in my life. I am, by nature, a fun-loving person. But I’m so energized by my work that it doesn’t feel much like work. That’s a mixed blessing. The good news is that I love what I do. The bad news is that because I enjoy it, I work a lot, leaving little time for simply having fun.

Synchronicity was at work when an old friend suddenly popped back into my life. Since I had seen Lori, she quit her corporate job to launch Tomgirl Tours, an outdoor adventure company dedicated to helping women “do the unthinkable.” Her motivation was to have more fun in her life and help others do the same. Lori shared a video posted on her blog, The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun, by Michael Bungay Stanier. I loved the video’s message, and felt compelled to share it with others.

I hope you enjoy these 8 Principles of Fun, and are inspired to bring more fun into your own life in 2010 and beyond!

  1. Stop hiding who you really are. Although it feels like the path of least resistance, it actually takes more energy to live from your Conditioned Self than to live authentically—the person you were born to be.
  2. Start being intensely selfish. Many people believe that making themselves the key person in their lives is a bad thing. It’s simply good common sense. After all, you’re the only person who’s with you 24/7 until you draw your last breath.
  3. Stop following the rules. While some rules are necessary and good for us, living a life based on others’ rules, needs, and expectations can stifle your self-expression and creativity, and keep a lid on your potential.
  4. Start scaring yourself. People avoid expanding their comfort zones out of fear, missing out on people and experiences that can enrich their lives. Know that fear is a normal reaction to taking risks and learn how to override them. My article, Manage Fear So It Doesn’t Manage You, can help.
  5. Stop taking it all so damn seriously. Our time on earth is short, and as someone once said, “No one gets out of this alive.” Instead of ruminating about how bad things are, bring laughter into your world and focus on what’s good about your self and your life.
  6. Start getting rid of the crap. Being bogged down by possessions you don’t need can be an energy-drain. Many people go into debt because they buy things to fill the voids in their lives. Clear out clutter that distracts you, and you’ll free up energy to create a life you enjoy.
  7. Stop being busy. Being busy and being productive are not necessarily the same. Many people keep busy to avoid taking action on things they’re afraid to pursue. Identify your priorities and allocate your time and energy to achieving the goals to which you aspire.
  8. Start something. Procrastination is a common reaction to feeling overwhelmed or fear of failure. Instead of taking on too much at once and overwhelming yourself, break things down and take one small action step at a time.

© 2012 Lauren Mackler

Lauren Mackler is a world-renowned coach and author of the international bestseller Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life. To sign up for her free Live Boldly e-newsletter, click here.

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