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6 Reasons Spring Inspires Us to Be Fit

Ahhh…finally…Spring is Springing.  Living in the Northeast, I have to say, I’m ready…no wait…I’ve been ready for Spring.  Our winter, much like a lot of areas in the United States, has been a long, cold, wet one.  I think I really do live in the wrong climate, and although I can’t remedy that now, I do dream of it often.

Recently, as the temperature has slowly warmed and as I’ve watch the buds on the trees start to form and local gardening crews do their magic, I have to say…YIPPEE!!!  One of the reasons that I love the warmer weather is simply because I get outside more.  The Spring, Summer, and even Fall, represent a whole new world of fun-loving activity for me, especially when my body and mind feel as though they have been reduced to full-on cabin fever. Further, my exercise routine truly benefits.  In short, I’m much more inspired than I am in the Winter to be active.

Here are some of the great ways warmer weather positively influences us to get moving:

  1. No More Boring Cardio Equipment: Although there surely are some crazy people out there who love running or bike riding in 20 degree weather, let’s face it…most of us don’t.  After being cooped up in the gym, struggling to move our bodies rigorously on stationary cardio equipment, the warmer weather gives us a new sense of freedom to enjoy the outdoors and get moving as nature intended…forwards…not in place.
  2. Fresh Air: The best part of exercising outdoors is that we breathe in a lot more fresh air.  Stuffy gyms with overly heated spaces that dry out our skin and respiratory systems need not be an issue anymore.
  3. Vitamin D: Over the course of the winter, our bodies don’t get as much sun exposure as they probably should.  Getting outdoors allows our bodies to absorb some of that fantastic sunshine, upping our daily dosage of Vitamin D.
  4. Getting Social: The warmer weather gives us more reason to be social and play with others.  Although the winter has some indoor sports that one can enjoy, the idea of activities like beach volleyball is SO much more fun than it’s indoor counterpart.  Other fun outdoor sports to look forward to are softball, baseball, kickball, rollerblading, hiking, mountain climbing and rock climbing.
  5. Less Gear: And one of my most favorite aspects of warmer weather exercise is less gear.  In the cold winter months, we have to bundle up and feel all-cocoon-like to actually feel comfortable enough to get outdoors.  No more!  You can rollerblade in a bikini if you so choose!
  6. Summer: And the last reason that I am inspired to get moving when it is Spring is because I know that Summer is just around the corner.  And we all know what that means…swimsuit season.

What aspects of Spring inspire you to be more active?  What activities do you love to do at this time of year?

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