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6 Reasons Multimedia Fitness Works

Recently, Pete Cerqua – Author of The 90-Second Fitness Solution – was highlighted in December’s issue of Self Magazine, demonstrating his exercise technique.  Additionally, Self Magazine’s website featured Pete’s exercises in a photographic slideshow and in a video.  You could say that this is extremely redundant, but to be honest, it is a really smart approach for publications.  Here’s why:

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  1. Different Learning Styles: As a past fitness instructor and personal trainer, I have learned that one method of training or teaching may work for some, but not for others.  Communicating the same message in different ways allows various learning styles to benefit.  Some benefit from reading or listening, while others benefit from watching.  It is important to address these different learning styles to successfully get your point across.
  2. Different Age Groups: Audiences of different ages look for information in various places.  Older audiences tend to look for information in printed mediums, while younger audiences look for much of their information online.
  3. Print is SO Yesterday: Every publication that is serious has an online presence.  They realize that people may not subscribe to their magazine, but they very well may come to their site and view information online.  Having an online presence is a must to stay competitive in a virtual world.
  4. Viral Marketing: There is a reason why social media and social networking dominate our world: it is viral.  You like something…you pass it on to a friend…who passes it on to their friends…etc.  Before you know it, instead of having a subscription base of 1.3 million, you are accessing 10, 20 or even 30 million people.  Getting a message out to the world is so much easier when all you have to do is click a button.
  5. New Customers: People who subscribe to magazines or even online subscriptions are ALREADY fans.  However, having content online that is searchable allows for new people to find the information, potentially making them new customers.
  6. Permanence: Most people throw out printed magazines.  Online information, however, is archived and housed for years…if not forever (time will tell).  Publications  realize that their information is only as good as it is accessible.  Providing content online allows information to be accessed regardless of its issue date.

If you’re a  regular on Sheer Balance, you’ll know that I’ve done a review for the book and Pete has been kind enough to provide a short excerpt for our readers.  Now, you should check out these multimedia options on  Which do you like best?  Do you find that you absorb information differently for each?  Let me know if you think the video enhances the experience.


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