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52 Small Changes Web Series: Week 4 – Keep a Food Journal

Welcome to the 52 Small Changes Web Series. This is where I take each weekly change I prescribe in the book – 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You, and discuss my personal favorite tips or suggestions on how I like to make the change a reality. I encourage you to share your favorite tips in the comment section so that others can learn from you and what works for you in your life and personal situation.

This week’s video is specific to Week 4: Keep s Food Journal. Food journaling provides many benefits. The most important, however, is that it 1) keeps you accountable of all that you eat throughout the day, 2) it helps keep you aware of the nutritional values of the foods you eat and 3) it raises your awareness around your relationship with food.

In this episode, I answer a reader’s question regarding her difficulty in maintaining a food journal and I provide advice on how to get past some of the obstacles.

Do you find food journaling helpful? What are some of your favorite tools and ways to stay on top of yours?

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52 Small Changes Web Series Week 4


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