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5 Ways to Squeeze in Exercise

Although it is always good to try to stick to a regular fitness regimen, there are times that we can’t fit it into our hectic schedules. Instead of getting upset or feeling guilty for missing a day of exercise, find creative ways to fit activity into your daily routine. The more active you are throughout the day, the more you will keep your metabolism working hard. Here are some easy ways to keep yourself moving:

  1. Forget the Elevator: You probably have heard this one before, but it is really one of the best ways to burn a few extra calories. Whenever you have to travel vertically, forgo automated transportation (such as the escalator or the elevator). Instead opt to take the stairs. A good gauge is to use the stairs when going upstairs for 7 flights or less and when going downstairs, use the stairs for 9 flights or less. Also, if you do take an escalator, choose to walk up it, versus just standing on it.
  2. Pass on Public Transportation: If you take public transportation to work, cutting your ride short and walking part of the way is a good way to get fresh air and some activity. Instead of riding your full route, try to get on the bus or train the stop after the one you normally do, and getting off at the stop before the one you normally do.
  3. Active Television: Watching television at home is one of the most inactive past-times. But it doesn’t have to be. Next time you want to watch your favorite shows, try doing chores (laundry or cleaning) or some exercise. Great exercises to do while watching your favorite shows usually includes mat exercises like body sculpting or abdominals.
  4. Active Lunch: Many of us sit at our desks at lunch or sit in the cafeteria.  Try to take half an hour of your lunch hour and walk.  Bring sneakers to work so that you can take a walk without hurting your feet in work shoes.
  5. Look But Don’t Touch: Chances are, you might not feel up to spending a lot of money right now with the way the economy is, but there is nothing wrong with looking at the merchandise. Go to the mall and spend a couple of hours walking through your favorite stores. You’ll get some exercise and also enjoy a little window shopping!

Although none of these are a substitute for exercise, they are great ways to squeeze activity into your day.  Keep moving to keep yourself feeling healthy!

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