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5 Ways to Relax in the Hotel Room

Although we don’t always like to admit it, the hotel is our home away from home when we travel on business. More often than not, however, we rarely treat it that way.  Yet, our hotel room can give us a place to get away from colleagues and clients, and allow us to take  time for ourselves to reset our bodies and minds.

Granted our hotel room may not always be a five-star luxury resort, but here are a few suggestions that go beyond flipping on the television, watching reruns and zoning out to make the hotel comfortable:

  1. Get Comfortable: As soon as I walk into the hotel room after a long day on the client site, I love to slip into something more comfortable. As hot as this may sound, it really means getting into jeans and a t-shirt. Don’t underestimate the power of changing out of your work or travel clothes and into something more comfortable. Take off the dress, take off the tie, take off the cuff-links, take off anything that makes you feel restricted. I always pack something that is “comfy” for the downtime in the hotel or after work.
  2. Order Room Service: Room service is a good way for you to get in some time away from clients, team members and other social distractions. When we travel for business, we are always “on,” requiring that we socialize and be at our best. Staying in for the night will allow you to take a break from the rest of the world so that you can be “on” all over again in the morning. Lastly, it is harder to stay healthy dining-out than when eating in. It is easier to maintain a healthy travel diet alone than when you feel pressure from others.
  3. Take a Bath: Assuming you are staying in a decent hotel, draw yourself a bath and let the warm water soak away aching muscles, sore feet and a tired body from the travel and hard day you put in at your client. If you are extra motivated, pack a travel candle (Try: Greenfire Peppermint Eucalyptus Basil All Natural Massage Oil Candle or Seattle Rain Travel Candle) and some bath salts (Try: Village Naturals Therapy Aches & Pains) to make the experience a little more luxurious. If a bath seems a little too high maintenance, take a long hot shower. This can do a world of good too.
  4. Tea for Good Night Sleep: Most hotel rooms come with a coffee maker. And although these use to skive me out in the past, they have come a long way. To promote relaxation and a good night sleep, use your coffee maker to brew a cup of herbal tea. If this appeals greatly, you can even pack your favorite tea flavor with you for your trip. Personally, I love Bedtime Tea by Yogi.
  5. Go to Bed: You heard (read) me right. Traveling takes a lot out of us…and rest is probably something that becomes secondary to everything else. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always allow us to perform our best. Take one night of your trip and go to bed by 9pm. Get in at least 8 hours that night and you’ll feel refreshed the next day and ready to take on all of the fires you continue to extinguish.

The important thing is to relax during travel. Give yourself the down-time you need to recuperate from your travel and the business trip.

What do you do to relax during travel? Do you do any of the things mentioned?

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