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5 Ways to Get over Workout Burnout

Recently, I’ve found that I’ve been relatively uninspired to go to the gym.  I have had a really tough time motivating myself in the morning to get up and do my traditional workout.  Let’s face it, this happens to the best of us.  We hit a point when for some reason, the LAST thing we feel like doing is moving our butt…even though we know we should and that it is good for us.

Truth is, these phases are normal.  If anyone claims otherwise, they would be lying.  But just because your inner-devil has won over your inner-angel does not mean that it has won for good!  Here are a few ways to overcome your burnout period and move into a more motivated frame of mind:

  1. STOP Exercising. Yep, you heard me right.  Stop exercising.  Take a week off and don’t feel guilty about it either.  Burning out is a sign that you may have been overdoing it.  Allowing yourself to not exercise will give your body a break and, even more importantly, your mind a rest.  The more we berate ourselves into having to go to the gym, the more we feel that it is a chore…something to loathe.  Giving yourself a break will help your mind reset its attitude to be more positive.
  2. Do a Little Research. Chances are that you have been doing a similar workout or exercise routine for awhile.  This may be part of why you are burnt out.  Without actually doing the exercises, read up on recent fitness trends, talk to friends about classes or exercise types they really enjoy and scope out what may be new offerings in your area or gym.  Getting some fresh ideas will help you feel excited again about exercising and finding activities you enjoy.
  3. Set New Goals. Having goals helps us to focus our attention on an outcome versus the process, giving us something to look forward to.   Maybe you want to train for a marathon.  Maybe you want to gain muscle and decrease your fat (calculate your Body Fat here).  Maybe you want to become a black belt in a Martial Art.  Find something that you can be passionate about to help you get motivated again.
  4. Find a Partner in Crime. Having a friend who wants to stay fit with you can help you through the rough patches of exercise.  Make sure, however, that your workout buddy is someone who has real dedication to the task at hand and whom you can count on to push you when you need the push!
  5. Get New Music. If you are struggling with cardio, in particular, get a new workout playlist.  Music can be a huge motivator to get you moving.  If your playlist gets stale, it can have the opposite impact on you.  Keeping music fresh will help you stay interested and distracted when your workout is feeling a little long.

How do you get over your workout burnout?

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