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5 Reasons to Never Return to a Spa

Going to a spa can be a wonderful experience.  It is also a great way to bring balance into your life.  Massages on a regular basis help to alleviate stress and tension, while facials provide a great foundation to maintain and promote beautiful, youthful skin.  That said, throughout my work in the industry, I’ve experienced and heard about all aspects of a spa experience: what works, what doesn’t and what makes one go back for more.  Here are some reasons that warrant you never returning to a spa:

  1. Dirty Dungeon: Under absolutely no circumstances should you ever accept a dirty spa.  Spas should be very clean…all the way from the locker rooms to the linens and towels you use.  Everything from the nail clippers to the massage tables should be clean and free from mold, dirt, bacteria, etc.  Not to say you want a sterile ‘feeling’ environment, but if you ever visit a spa and wonder when was the last time they washed the floors, you probably shouldn’t go back.
  2. A Better than You Attitude: Chances are that when you go to a spa, you are looking to relax, feel special, get pampered and let your worries melt away.  If for any reason you are made to feel that you aren’t ‘good enough’ for the spa or that you ‘don’t belong’ at the spa, leave.  You are paying good money to be at the spa, there is absolutely no excuse for rude or inappropriate treatment.
  3. Mismatched Personality: There are many spas out there that create a great environment…but not all environments appeal to all people.  I’m not talking about the actual service or treatment…services can be good, bad and indifferent and they don’t speak for the spa as a whole…what I’m talking about is how you feel from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave.  What was the experience like?  Do you feel at home?  Were you comfortable?  Were you able to relax?  If not, then it is possible that the spa just doesn’t have a compatible personality with you.  That is fine!  It could be a great spa…just better suited to other personality types.  For instance, if the spa has a very ornate and luxurious feel to it, but you find yourself feeling very stiff, formal and unable to relax, then you might be better off finding a spa with a different environment and approach.  Maybe one that is more understated, simple and modern in feel.
  4. Underwhelming Staff and Services: Sure, there are going to be therapists and/or treatments you don’t like, but if you go to the same spa two times and find both of your experiences undewhelming.  Don’t go back.  The first time, speak to the spa manager or director and talk through your experience and what you liked and didn’t like.  The spa manager or director should be proactive at this point and look to match you with the right treatment and the right therapist.  They should aim to bring you back and rectify the bad experience.  If you go back, and once again you are left underwhelemed, there is a good chance the spa just isn’t up to snuff.  Don’t feel guilty…just move on.  This is not a long term relationship!
  5. Unsafe or Dangerous Treatments: Although very rare, you may come across a spa that has bad practitioners, or even worse, practitioners that lack training or aren’t certified.  Anytime you try a new spa, it is always good to do some preliminary investigation to know that the spa is reputable and offers quality services.  If you ever have a treatment and it ‘hurts’ or even worse, you leave with scars, infections or a serious injury, absolutely do not go back.  These results are completely inexcusable.  Is a matter of fact, you should probably do some investigation to find out if there are other individuals that have had similar experiences.  You might have reason to take legal action.

Remember, going to the spa is a very personal experience, and you have to know what makes you feel comfortable…what you like…what makes you feel it was worth every precious penny spent.  We are all different; and what makes me happy might be very different from what makes you happy.   So when considering a visit to a spa, be careful.  Do your homework: make sure you know about the spa, what to expect and what treatments are good.

Have you ever had a bad experience at a spa?  Any reasons you would never return?  Share with us!

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