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5 Keys to Converting to a Healthy Lifestyle

Almost everyone I know, at one point or another, has tried a fad diet or the latest celebrity tricks to lose weight and look good. Some of us will continue on this path of trying to find a quick fix solution to being healthy. Unfortunately, however, none of these schemes really work, do they? The reality is healthy living needs to be a lifestyle; a lifestyle that is about making the right choices and being in balance…a lifestyle that is smarter.

What does this really mean? It means several things. But most importantly, it means that you are in control and you are the one who has the power to be happy and live a health-filled life. To do so, there are certain principles that you have to be mindful of to achieve and embrace living a smarter, healthier lifestyle. They include:

  1. Consciousness. Being conscious of your actions and in tune with your body and mind. Being aware of how your decisions impact your health and how you feel. Being aware of what your body needs nutritionally and physically, and what your mind needs to be emotionally happy.
  2. Moderation. Understanding that there will be times where you choose to indulge or take a day off from exercising. Not being obsessive compulsive of your weight or your health. Enjoying what you eat and enjoying the activities you do.
  3. Self-Love. Embracing yourself and respecting you for who you are. Loving your body, loving your talents, appreciating your whole package. Believing in yourself and what you stand for.
  4. Mind-set. Leaving the quick fixes behind and understanding that healthy living is a mindset, not a week or two of extreme behaviors. Embracing a lifestyle that reflects a longer term approach to health.
  5. Rest. Getting enough sleep and resting when you need to. Not burning the candle at both ends. Building in the ‘you time’ that you need and so deserve.

If you have had a past that was riddled with unhealthy choices and you have begun a path towards healthier living, you should be proud. That said it is important to actually believe in the lifestyle changes you make. If you don’t, you are in fact…attempting a quick fix. And why is this bad? Because quick fixes are not sustainable. They are a temporary solution to a problem. Would you put a band-aid on the Hoover Dam if it was leaking? Probably not. You would need to make some well-planned structural changes to ensure that the ‘fix’ would last.

Lifestyle change implies permanence and consistency. Taking on a healthy lifestyle should be fun, comfortable and empowering. You are the one who is in control and you are the one who has the power to live a life that is smarter and healthier.

Have you made ‘lifestyle’ changes? How long have they lasted?

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