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3 Ways to Make Superbowl Sunday Healthier

As we approach Super Bowl Sunday, some of us are planning Big Game parties.  Believe it or not, Super Bowl Sunday is the number one snacking day and possibly the second biggest food celebration day after Thanksgiving.  The typical Super Bowl Party is notorious for unhealthy snacks that are high in fat, carbohydrates and salt.  If you’re hosting this year, why not offer your fans healthier alternatives to the traditional ’empty calorie’ fiesta?  Here are three easy ways to keep the flavor full, while providing your guests with a more nutritious day:

  1. Keep the Chili, Hold the Fat: Chili is a great crowd-pleaser.  It can sit on your stove top all day and guests can help themselves.  To make yours healthier than the traditional, opt for a bean-based vegetarian chili.  Beans offer tons of protein, nutrients and fiber.  If, however, your crowd will be filled with lots of meat lovers, switch out your ground red meat with 99% Fat Free Ground Turkey (Jennie- Os is a brand found in most grocery stores).  If you choose to make yours with the ground turkey, be sure to include kidney beans, green peppers and onions to ensure a well-balanced meal high in fiber.
  2. Get Nutty: Chips are by far the most common snack of the Super Bowl, often with 5 or 6 varieties (potato chips, tortilla chips, pretzels, Doritos, and on and on) making the party.  Unfortunately, chips have a lot of empty calories, never quite satisfying your guests.  This year, substitute a couple of chip varieties with nut varieties.  They offer fiber, protein and healthy fats, which will leave your guests feeling more satisfied.  Good varieties include: Pistachios (Wonderful Pistachios brand), Almonds and Walnuts.
  3. Vegetables and Salad: Much like chips, fresh vegetable crudites is an easy to make snack food.  Unlike the chip, however, they offer tons of vitamins, minerals and fiber.  If you feel like getting a bit more fancy than a plain old crudites, think of making a chopped or peasant salad, full of hearty vegetables like peppers and tomatoes.  This type of salad will fill your guests up and be a great accompaniment to the heartier foods like the chili.

Do you have any tips to make Super Bowl Sunday healthier?

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