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3 Ways to Get in a Healthful Dose of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are quite the rage these days. Everywhere you look, whether it is on food labels or on skin care products, antioxidants are advertised. Why are they so popular? It is because research has shown that antioxidants provide a wide range of benefits when it comes to your health. They help to stabilize cholesterol levels and blood pressure. They aid in the breakup of plaque in the blood vessels ultimately supporting the body’s circulatory system and enhancing blood flow. They are a great source for enhanced energy levels and they improve nutrient uptake at the cellular level which leads to many health benefits including healthy aging.

So where can you get a dose of these age-fighting compounds?

Simple…in your food. Although many foods contain antioxidants, most types of berries are true superstars, with blueberries and acai berries being the most powerful. Luckily, berries are really yummy and easy to eat. Here are a few ways to get in your daily dose:

  1. Berries and Yogurt: Toss away the pre-packaged fruit yogurt and opt for making your own yogurt parfait. A great brand of plain yogurt to try is Fage. It is high in protein and you can buy their 0% Fat variety. Mix half a cup of berries in with a half a cup of yogurt and you have yourself a yummy snack.
  2. Berry Smoothie: If you prefer a liquid antioxidant treat, make a low fat berry smoothie. Take 8 oz. of skim milk or milk substitute and blend in 2 cups berries.
  3. Berries and Oatmeal: Make 1 cup of oatmeal with plain oats and water. Once the oatmeal is fully cooked, mix in ½ a cup of berries to sweeten it naturally.

Berries are by far, one of the most versatile fruits you can eat. Often, I’ll eat a cup of berries all by themselves. Fresh berries can be great, but if they are out of season, frozen berries provide the same antioxidant punch.

Do you have any healthy berry recipes you’d like to share?


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