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3 Healthy Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom will Love

We all know that our health is an important part of living a happy, healthy, full life.  So, what better way to show your mom that you care and love her than to give her the gift of good health?  Make this Mother’s Day extra special with one of these fantastic, yet healthy, gift ideas:

  1. A Spa Day: Spas offer so much more than just fluff and buff. A day at the spa can help one to release and manage stress, detox and rid impurities, and refresh skin to look and feel its best. If you can’t afford to give mom a full day at the spa, spas offer some great 1/2 day and multiple treatment packages that will give your mom a blissful and health-packed experience.  Also, some spas allow you to book a block of time, so that when she arrives, they can design treatments specific to your mom’s needs on that day.  If you want to keep costs down, give her a spa experience at home. Start the day or afternoon by drawing her a bath and then once she is relaxed and distressed, give her a manicure and pedicure. If your mom has a specific spa that she already enjoys or if you aren’t familiar with the spas in her area, consider giving her a SpaFinder Gift Certificate, which is accepted at many spas around the world.
  2. A Package of Mind-Body Classes: Mind-Body classes include Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and Qigong, among others. They all offer benefits of health.  Most take a broad holistic approach that teaches people a new lifestyle, way of thinking and way of being in the world. Some physical benefits include: Increased strength and flexibility, more toned, longer and leaner muscles, relaxation and stress relief, increased energy and vitality, and detoxification. Check online to see what local yoga, pilates and other mind-body studios are highly rated in your mother’s area.  Many studios offer packages of 10 or more classes. If you can’t find a mind-body studio located near your mom, you can always opt to purchase a DVD and accessory kit that she could use at home.  Here are a couple all-in-one packages to consider:
  3. A Healthy Library: Help your mom stay up-to-date with books that help her create a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Make it a holistic gift by purchasing one of my books that cover various topics of wellness, such as nutrition, fitness and mental well being. Here are a few to consider:
    • A Whole New You: If your mom has been contemplating a little personal transformation, this is an ideal book to help get her started. A smart, practical approach to reinventing any aspect of your life that’s not working for you. Whether you want to start eating healthy, switch careers, or improve a relationship,  A Whole New You will inspire you to take control of your life and live your very best.
    • 52 Small Changes: Is your mom interested in embarking on a healthy lifestyle, but wants to take it one step at a time? This is a perfect option. Guiding readers through one small change per week, 52 Small Changes addresses nutrition, fitness, mental well-being and green living for a well-rounded guide on how to make small changes for big impact.
    • “GET REAL” and STOP Dieting!: Even if your mom knows what she should be doing to eat healthy, it isn’t always easy to put it into practice.  “GET REAL” teaches readers five of the most important rules to eat healthy, but even more importantly, provides a robust toolkit for individuals to put them into practice, including: 40 recipes that are well balanced and easy to prepare, no-fail grocery lists, a guide on reading nutrition labels, healthy substitutions for unhealthy ingredients, healthy portion sizes with a visual guide and more. (Purchase “GET REAL”)

How do you plan on celebrating Mother’s Day? Would you like to give mom the gift of health?

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