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10 Tips for Staying Healthy at College

Going to college can be a big adjustment in many ways – from living away from home for the first time to making a whole new set of friends. While these new and exciting experiences can be overwhelming at times, new students need to also make staying healthy and fit a priority as well. With all-you-can-eat food at cafeterias, unhealthy options and the temptation to play video games rather than actually get some exercise, staying in shape may not be easy. Here are a few tips to make your transition to college one that keeps you healthy and able to give classes, friendships and everything your all.

  1. Watch out for dorm food. When foods are all-you-can-eat there’s much more of a temptation to overeat or eat things that you might not otherwise have as part of your diet. Start out with smaller portions and go back for more if you’re still hungry.
  2. Take advantage of campus gyms. One of the big perks of college is being able to go to a gym for free, so take advantage of the opportunity to work out. Sign up for a class or make the gym part of your routine so that you’ll actually be motivated to go.
  3. Play sports. If you hate working out in a gym, there are plenty of activities that you can get involved in on-campus that will keep you fit while letting you have fun at the same time.
  4. Walk or ride your bike to class. You could take the bus or drive, but getting a little extra exercise when you can is always a good thing. Also consider taking the stairs instead of the elevators if your classes are on upper levels.
  5. Take time to de-stress. College can be stressful for new students who are trying to balance a million things at once and still do well in their classes. Remember to take time for yourself to relax and do things you enjoy as well.
  6. Don’t forget to sleep. While studying is important, it’s just as important to get a solid amount of sleep so you’ll be prepared for your classes as well.
  7. Limit late-night snacks. It’s easy to want to pig-out when you’re up late studying, but try to limit the amount of unhealthy foods you eat, especially before you go to bed.
  8. Don’t keep unhealthy snacks on hand. One way to give yourself a hand in eating healthier is to just not keep unhealthy things around, even if you really, really want to.
  9. Find healthy friends. You may be able to find more ways to eat right and get in shape by finding a group of friends that shares the same drive to bit fit and active as you.
  10. Get regular check-ups. For most college students, on-campus health care is incredibly cheap or free. Take advantage of this and get regular exams to ensure you’re healthy.
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