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Chuck the Chocolate Bunny: 10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Healthy Easter Basket Alternatives

Spring has sprung, and so have promises of the pesky little bunny with his eggs full of chocolate and jelly beans! Indulging in a few delicious seasonal treats is always fun (Cadbury Eggs, anyone?), but a basket of giant chocolate bunnies and bags of sugary candy + a kid usually doesn’t make for the best day.

Avoid the sugar high meltdowns and inevitable crashes and sluggishness by thinking outside the basket for this year’s Easter treats. Easter is a great time to give kids a basket of thoughtfully selected small items that will help them look forward to the spring and summer weather or provide them with refreshed craft, art or reading supplies.

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Since 52 Small Changes for the Family is all about easy and achievable tweaks you can make to your family’s life, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Easter basket gifts that your kids will absolutely love while avoiding candy and cheap plastic toys.

  1. Books:There are so many choices here. This is a great chance to give a family favorite that your child will treasure or add to his or her favorite series collection. Selecting a story that is connected to being grateful or kind or generous to others is always a good choice. Some of our favorites include The QuiltMaker’s Gift, Stone Soup and Have You Filled a Bucket Today. For older kids, consider something inspirational like Anna Quindlen’s A Short Guide to a Happy Life.
  2. Gardening Tools and Seeds:It’s spring and that means time to garden! I’ve written before about my favorite gardening tools for kids and this is a great chance to give your kids some of those options. Pair the tools with some seeds and you can create a whole basket designed around getting outside and growing your own produce and flowers.
  3. Mantra Jewelry or Clothing:In Chapter 21 of 52 Small Changes for the Family, we talk about helping your children discover their True North. Creating a strong sense of values is a gift that you can give your child throughout their life, and I love the idea of mantra jewelry or a fun mantra t-shirt to help remind them of those values on a daily basis. Pick out a mantra that you think is just the thing your child needs to remember or hear, and this piece of jewelry or clothing will help them stay focused on it all day long.
  4. Kindness Rocks:Buy a Kindness Rock kit for your child (or assemble your own) for a fun project that allows kids to create acts of kindness for others. Challenge your kids to hand out their kindness rocks to friends, family, schoolmates and others along with a word or two about what they appreciate about the recipient.
  5. Marbles:Marbles are a fun, versatile toy to give kids. They fit in a small bag in their pockets and can be used to play games or to create their own marble runs from items they find around the house (paper towel rolls and duct tape go a long way). They can also be used for counting and sorting game.
  6. Arts & Crafts:We know that introducing art and creativity to our children is important. Easter baskets are a great opportunity to give kids the supplies to get creative. Paper, sidewalk chalk, paint, crayons, markers–whatever their favorites are and a few new items is a great way to create a basket that will create for weeks to come.
  7. Outdoor Toys:For many in cooler climates, Easter signifies the return of warmer weather and it’s a great chance to re-up your supply of simple warm-weather outdoor toys like jump ropes, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, yo-yos, water guns, outdoor pools or water tables, sprinklers and more. This will encourage your kids to get outside and won’t clutter up your home with more toys or chocolate!
  8. Personalized Journals:For older kids, journaling can be an effective way of expressing feelings. Consider getting a journal personalized with their name or with a cover featuring a color or print you know they’d love to get them started.
  9. Compass, Magnifying Glass & Nature Book:For kids who are ready to get outside and explore nature, consider creating their own little nature kit. Include a compass, a magnifying glass and a book about nature–maybe bird or tree identification, for example. Add a pencil and notebook for them to make observations if they are old enough and poof! Your kiddo is a nature detective.
  10. Mad Libs:Stretch your kids’ brains and have lots of fun as a family with good old-fashioned Mad Libs. Where you might give a coloring book for little kids, these are great for school-aged kids and give them a chance to work on reading, writing, grammar and spelling all in a fun group activity.

Looking for more ways to change your habits and create a healthier life for your family? Check out my new book 52 Small Changes for the Family, available now.

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