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Top 5: Stop Comparing Yourself to Celebrities

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In the media world, celebrities are used relentlessly to market products, programs and services within the health and wellness industry.  Sure, from a business perspective this makes sense: celebrities are highly recognized and as spokespeople, they drive higher awareness than the average Joe.  It amazes me, however, how the media focuses in on celebrity ‘body parts’ as a way to sell.  The one that most recently had me baffled was ‘Get Michelle Obama’s Sculpted Arms’.  I find this absurd.  Honestly, why do you need the First Lady’s arms?  For that matter, why do you need anyone’s arms?  Why wouldn’t you want your own arms sculpted?

Yes…I admit: I take issue with society putting continual and undue pressure on us to look like celebrities.  The world does not need two, three or four Gwyneth Paltrows.  The world doesn’t need five Matthew McConaugheys.  What the world needs, however, are people who are secure with themselves, happy to be who they are, and healthy because of how they live their own lives.

But, this idealistic philosophy doesn’t always ‘take’ with the public, does it?  No, instead, many of us feed right into this self-deprecating behavior of yearning to look like the people on the cover of magazines and finding flaws with who we are and how we look.  I say…”Enough already.”  Stop obsessing about looking like these people and here is why

  1. What You See Isn’t What You Get: If you didn’t know this already, most of the photos you see of ANY celebrity are airbrushed.  Airbrushing gives pictures that beautiful ‘flawless’ look.  If you were to see a normal, every day picture of a celebrity, trust me, they wouldn’t look nearly as ‘perfect’.  As a matter of fact, most tabloid photos (Enquirer, Star, USWeekly, etc.) aren’t air brushed…and notice, many of them are not very flattering to the victim of the photograph.
  2. Photogenic Doesn’t mean Beautiful: There are people who take great photographs.  There are people who don’t.  Most interestingly, however, is that there are mediocre, average looking people who take GREAT photographs and there are absolutely stunningly beautiful people who take TERRIBLE pictures.  So guess what, a photograph isn’t always indicative of how a person really looks in real life.
  3. Money Can Buy Looks: Look, many celebrities have had ‘work‘ done.  No, not all, but many.  Sometimes it is subtle, and you will barely even notice, and other times, it is so obvious that you don’t even recognize the person.  Whichever the case, celebrities spend a ton of money enhancing their features, body parts and overall look so that they can appear more beautiful than they think they already are (Note: word ‘think’).
  4. It is Easy to Be Beautiful When You are Paid to Be So: Most celebrities live a very different lifestyle than the average, every day person.  They make more money than the average person.  They have more time than the average person and guess what, they have access to more resources than the average person.  All of this equates to having a much easier time of looking good.  Many celebrities are PAID to look good.  And as a result, they spend a ton of time and money on exercising and hiring personal nutritionists, chefs and personal trainers to make them and KEEP them looking good.
  5. It Isn’t Easy Being Beautiful: Seriously…it isn’t.  Those celebrities that are worshipped for how beautiful they are have to deal with the painful criticism and scrutiny of the public when God forbid, they do much of anything.  This includes developing a wrinkle or erasing a wrinkle, gaining a couple of extra pounds or losing a couple of pounds, wearing something to revealing or wearing something too conservative.  In short, they can’t win…because someone, somewhere down the line will find fault with them no matter what.  This is when we really need to remember that “Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.”

Do yourself a favor.  Stop comparing yourself with these images and start realizing that you are never going to look like these people.  Instead, start looking like you.  Start believing in yourself and gifting yourself with self-esteem.  Start appreciating your assets. Exercise, eat right and take care of yourself. Love yourself for who you are.

Do you obsess over looking like a celebrity?  Have you become crazed over looking perfect?  Have you purchased a product just because a celebrity you know was the spokesperson?


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  • Flo

    My answer to your questions: NO!

    Most of those people looks absolutely terrible in real life! They look fake and sick. Even Madonna is starting to look ridiculous as she tries to appear like a 30 year old when she is 50.

  • semere

    I would really like to appreciate this article and also the writer. It is a good advice to use. Because most of the people is suffering from comparing him/her self with the celebrities and getting a reduced self esteem and i hope having read this articl most people get alert to what extent is harmful comparing oneself to those elebrities. I am really happy with the ideas mentioned on the article. Keep up the Good work.
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  • Caroline, Abuja

    A lot of people need to read this to liberate themselves. People undergo all kinds of things to imitate others i.e. the celebrities. A nice article, well done!

  • Daryl

    I always thought it was strange when you watch people on TV getting getting plastic surgery, saying “I want Angelina’s lips and Julia Robert’s eyes…”

  • Ken

    Great post, the media has us brainwashed on what is attractive. When you see celebrities without make-up and airbrushed photos they look like everybody else.

  • quell

    This is so true. It amazes me how other people wants to be and look like someone else, instead of recognizing that they will never be that person, no matter how hard they try! So world, STOP IT!

  • Brooke

    I’ve admired specific traits in certain celebrities, but I’ve never wanted to look just like that person. I get frustrated with some parts of my body (usually my skin-I’m very acne prone even at age 31 and no dermatologist has ever been able to help) but I can’t imagine having pastic surgery.

    Most of the super-skinny actors and actresses lead terribly unhealthy lifestyles to get that way. I have a friend who is a cinematographer in LA, and he shakes his head at the rampant eating disorders. I’d rather be healthy and look like myself than copy someone who lives on coffee and cigarettes.

    And no, I’ve never purchased anything because a celeb endorsed it. They get paid for doing it, so why would you trust them?

  • Brett

    Brooke, it is so wonderful to get all of your comments! Thanks for being part of the community!

  • http://donthaveawebsite Juliana

    I r5eally loved your ideas, Ithink we are all beautiful the way God createdus.Every single human being was created in God’s perfect image.
    People should check their health according to their height, Skeleton stracture. Choose makeup according to their skin color and dress according to body’s camfirt.
    After all even if you spend lots of energy, time and money just to look like somebody, It is a wastage of time fror you will be like that person

  • Sandy


    I loved this article, though I have not read all of it. I will read the rest in a bit. I want to first make a comment. Your ideas are true; we should be secure with ourselves. We should value our bodies, and believe, we are desirable individuals. God made us, since He loved us. We should love our selves, and serve Him for ever.



  • Tolu

    This is it…
    A road-map to getting secured.

    Thanx Brett.