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Top 10: Bad Gym Etiquette

It never fails.  Every time I go to the gym, I’m amazed by some people’s gym etiquette…or for that matter…the lack there of.  Although everyone is entitled to their good days and bad days, there is no excuse for flat out bad behavior.  Here is a top ten list of those that are most inexcusable:

10. This isn’t American Idol: Keep the singing, grunting and hyperventilating for the shower!

9. Not Putting Equipment Back where it Belongs: No, the 50 lb dumbbell does NOT go back in the 5 lb weight spot.  There is a ZERO after the 5.

8. Chatting-Cathy and then Some: Chatty Cathy loudly regails her friend about her shopping spree at Target, her date with her dreamboat, her mani and pedi, her boss who she has a crush on, yada, yada, yada…

7. Exercising while on your Cellphone: Unless a person is expecting some majorly important news, there is no need to hold their cellphone hostage on the treadmill.  Further, the last thing anyone needs to hear is the new ‘Baby Got Back’ ringtone.

6. Hijacking Equipment: Oblivious people who somehow don’t see that you are waiting for a machine or in between sets.

5. Stalking other People: ‘Heavy Breather’ is standing right on top of you waiting for you to finish your set and/or  ‘Meathead’ comes over to talk to you while you are obviously hard at work.  No space…bad breath…hovering.  Back-off buddy!  This isn’t a meat market!

4. Hogging Equipment: ‘Camping-out’ on equipment or running on the treadmill for 3 hours when there is a sign clearly stating that there is a 30 minute time limit on equipment.  Let’s learn to share…

3. Romper Room Fitness: It is so much fun when there are children running throughout the gym, hopping on and off equipment, screaming and yelling during your yoga class. Ohmmm!!!

2. Sliming up the equipment: Leaving behind sweat, dead skin cells and/or dandruff all over the equipment.  This is not a forensics lab people!

1. Stinking up the Joint: Lack of deodorant, a bath in cologne or major gastrointestanal disorders are never really that aromatic…no matter how great you think any of it may smell.

What behaviors have you been subjected to?

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  • I agree with all of these, though at Bally’s (aka, cheapy’s) there are rarely any kids, even in their daycare room.

    The other one I’d add, which maybe isn’t an issue for ladies: I hate when you ask a dude if he’ll give you a spot and he acts like you’re ruining his day. I’d gladly repay the favor…

    Also, people who don’t wear enough clothing. Dudes with tank tops that are practically bikini tops and women who haven’t been hitting the gym quite enough to get away with the sports bra and no shirt.

  • James McCloskey

    I like the “lunk alarm” at Planet Fitness whenever someone screams or drops weights. It’s also nice and cheap too!

    I have seen the other stuff on the list to varying degrees and agree with you!

  • Brooke

    I agree with all of those. There was once that I actually had to get off the treadmill because the guy on the one next to me smelled SO bad it was impossible to breathe! I’m guessing that he hadn’t washed his workout clothes in weeks.

    And in my gym, there are guys who plop themselves on a weight machine and talk on the phone for two hours. I don’t understand this-you clearly aren’t working out, so why are you monopolizing the incline bench press?

    And while I appreciate a compliment as much as the next girl, I’m at the gym to work out, not socialize. If you have a quick compliment on my musculature, I have no problem with that-I will drop others a quick compliment as well. However, don’t stick around and hit on me while I’m doing walking lunges-they’re hell, and I’m just trying to finish my workout so that I can shower and rest. I’m sweaty and out of breath, I’m not in the mood to flirt!

  • Dane

    Last week 2 muscle heads were just fawning over one another, loudly telling each other that they couldn’t repeat as champions (of what i don’t know) by being candy asses. then regaling each other about how “tough” their life was that they trained twice a day, lay in the sun and get paid for it!! Who give 2 cents about your life get in and get out!! You are not impressing anyone but yourselves!!

  • carlos

    Here is a good one that just happened to me on sat. I was at the dip station with 100lbs of plates strapped around my waist with a chain..about to get on to do a set of dips ..when a guys asks me if I could take a picture of him and his friends. I swear Iam not lying..I said” I dont know about you..but Iam here to workout not take pictures” and proceed to do my set. He actually had the cojones to ask why I got so thing led to another..and finally I said to him that Iam not going to have this conversation..that if wants to keeo talking about it then obviously he is the one with the problem..and that I would be more than happy to “fix ” his problem outside the gym. To which he just finally walked away. I want to know really ..did I over react..or did he have it coming?

    • brettblumenthal

      Carlos, I definitely think their timing was off. Had you not had 100 lbs. strapped to your body at the time they asked, I might have taken the picture. (But I love taking pictures 🙂