Somersaults: A Snack Worth Flipping over!

Normally, I look for a Nutrition Bar when looking for a filling, well-balanced snack.  However, I recently tried Somersaults…a snack that truly is different.  They are delicious, yet encourage “mindful munching!”  The philosophy of the company is to create snacks that both “nourish and delight.” Here are the details:

  1. Description: The shape of a Somersault is a 1/4″ thick disk that is about 3/4″ in diameter.  Their look reminds me of kids-cereals…namely Cookie Crisp, however, instead of chocolate chips, they have sunflower seeds.    A serving size is about 15 of these little munchables.
  2. Taste and Flavors: Somersaults come in three flavors:  Chez Cocoa, Salty Pepper and S.S. Sea Salt.  In general, their flavors, although different, remind me of a cross between pretzels, crackers, nuts and seeds.  Chez Cocoa reminds me of a healthier and slightly less sweet version of Cocoa Puffs.  Salty Pepper has a bit of a nuttier flavor with a bit of a spicy pretzel taste.  And,  S.S. Sea Salt is most like a very salty pretzel.  My favorites are Chez Cocoa: It isn’t too sweet, yet still satisfies the sweet tooth in all of us; and Salty Pepper.  I find that S.S. Sea Salt is a little on the boring side, and not nearly as robust in flavor as the Salty Pepper.
  3. Ingredient Quality: Each flavor is made with all-natural ingredients, including: spices, toasted grains, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.  Nothing artificial and no fillers.
  4. Nutritional Value: These little nuggets are a bit high in fat, however, they are low in saturated fat.  Their nutritional breakdown is approximately: 40% Fat, 44% Carbs and 16% Protein.  Further, they offer 3 grams of fiber, definitely a healthy dose per serving.
  5. Overall: I like these.  I’m not sure I would make them a regular snack, but they would definitely fill the bill once in awhile.  Further, given their flavor, shape and size, they would most likely be a winner with the kids!  One word of caution:  It is easy to be “not-so-mindful” when eating these, as 15 little nuggets pop in your mouth pretty easily.  So, I’d be extra mindful when enjoying them!

To Purchase:

You can buy either the 2 oz pouches or 6 ounce resealable pouches on Amazon: BUY SOMERSAULTS

Samples were provided from Somersaults Snack Co.

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