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Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

It may sound painful, but working out in the morning provides you with multiple benefits, making your workout more effective than a workout in the afternoon or evening.

  • Exercising on an empty stomach allows you to burn fat and calories that are stored vs. those that you have eaten during the day, making your caloric burn more efficient
  • You burn an increased number of calories for up to 2 or 3 hours after a workout. Combined with normal activity (as compared to the evening when you are winding down), your metabolism becomes super-charged. Further, this increased metabolism means burning off breakfast even faster than normal
  • You wake up your body naturally, helping it to be ramped and ready to take on the day without needing caffeine and other chemicals to get you up and moving
  • When waking up your body with exercise, you also wake up your mind, allowing you to be more productive, more alert and more effective throughout the day

So when considering staying up an extra hour to get things done after your evening workout, take that time to sleep and get up the extra hour early to get to the gym.

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  • What do you think of Xylitol Sweetener?

    Patricia Green

    • Brett

      Hi Patricia. Many people recommend Xylitol for diabetics and a lot of dentists approve it for gum products. I don’t know a tremendous amount about it, but I have heard it is safer than other sugar substitutes. Personally, I don’t like it. #1 It is a processed ingredient and #2 it has an aftertaste that I don’t love. Hope that helps.

  • Jaime Barrientos

    Try agave honey
    the very best for diabetics

    and Inulina as and adde to every kind of food
    Youn can’t imagine how these products improves your over all health

    The products came from the agave process yes the one basic for Tequila
    and there are some brands from Guadalajara Mexico
    if some of you need information please write to me and be glad to give you directions

  • Randa

    I saw on TV a report about is high in corn syrup which is not good for diabetics…they don’t include it as an ingredient on the bottle..I was surprised to hear that since I love agave with my pancakes.

  • Working out in the morning also makes sure you actually workout. Who knows how your day will turn out? You may plan an evening workout but have something unexpected happen to make it impossible. This way, you know you’ve done the work.