P90X Day 3: Shoulders and Arms

P90X Shoulders and ArmsFinally! A P90X workout I like. Over the course of my fitness career, I’ve gone from being an aerobics fanatic to a strength training hound. Specifically, I love doing shoulder exercises and working out the biceps and triceps, so the P90X Shoulders and Arms class was easy to stomach.

A little about the workout. Similar to P90X Chest and Back, Shoulders and Arms is set up with groupings of shoulder exercises, and exercises for the biceps and triceps. The workout is an hour long and is made up of five groupings with three different moves in each. And just like Chest and Back, we did each grouping twice. So, by the end of the program, you completed 10 sets of shoulder exercises, and 10 sets each of exercises for your biceps and triceps for a total of 30 sets. Overall, this P90X DVD was great.

My only issue with this P90X routine was that it isn’t really resistance band friendly…well, not completely. The resistance bands presented the following issues:

  • Muscles Not Fully Exercised: Because resistance bands don’t maintain their “tautness” throughout the whole exercise, it felt as though I wasn’t fully working throughout the whole exercise. Instead, I felt as though I was working only half of the exercise. If you were holding weights, however, you would have had a greater range of motion in which you were exercising the muscle.
  • Awkwardness in Movement: Depending on the exercise, the resistance bands would get in the way or rub against your body so that the move didn’t feel completely natural. Also, because of the handle grips on the bands, some of the moves needed to be modified so that they were physically possible.
  • Clumsy and Long Change Out Time: Depending on the muscle I was working, I would sometimes use a light band alone, a light and medium band together, or a medium band alone. It took extra time to unhook the bands between each exercise, adding time between sets and lengthening the overall workout.

For shoulder exercises, and working out your biceps and triceps, I would recommend that you use weights if you can. This will help to make the program much more effective.

Do you enjoy doing shoulder exercises and working out your biceps and triceps?

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