P90X Day 5: Legs and Back

Lunges and SquatsThe P90X Legs and Back workout was another great DVD that focused on strength training…namely, as the name implies, the legs and back. After a brief warm up the strength training portion was made up of eight sequences of two different sets of leg exercises incorporating mostly lunges or squats and one set of back exercises, incorporating different types of pull ups and chin ups.

Again, a strength training fan, I found Legs and Back relatively enjoyable. Personally, I didn’t find it to be over-the-top difficult. It was challenging enough, but not so much that I was rendered useless for three days. Unlike the P90X Chest and Back and the P90X Shoulders and Arms, there were no repeating sequences. I particularly liked this because it made the time go by faster and it was more interesting. Here is a chart of the exercise sequences:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
  1. Balance Lunges
  2. Calf-Raise Squats
  3. Reverse Grip Chin Ups
  1. Super Skater
  2. Wall Sits
  3. Wide Front Pull Ups
  1. Step Backs
  2. Alternating Side Lunges
  3. Closed Grip Overhand Pull ups
  1. Single Leg Wall Sits
  2. Dead Lift Squats
  3. Switch Grip Pull Ups
Group 5 Group 6 Group 7 Group 8
  1. 3-Way Lunges with Two-Kick Option
  2. Sneaky Lunges
  3. Reverse Grip Chin Ups
  1. Chair Salutations
  2. Toe-Roll Iso Lunges
  3. Wide Front Pull Ups
  1. Groucho Walk
  2. Calf Raises
  3. Closed Grip Overhand Pull Ups
  1. 80/20 Siebers-Speed Squats (right leg and left leg)
  2. Switch Grip Pull Ups

If you don’t have the P90X Chin-Up Bar that you can purchase, the back exercises were easy to do with resistance bands. They didn’t get in the way like they did on P90X Shoulders and Arms. Further, you could maximize the range of motion for the whole workout. Tony Horton recommended you use the resistance bands on only one leg exercise – the Step Back Lunges. I wouldn’t recommend it. It is quite awkward and you can get a good workout without the bands. If you can easily do this workout without the use of dumbbells on the leg exercises, I’d recommend you invest in a pair of dumbbells to make the them more challenging.

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