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P90X in 90 Seconds: Back and Biceps Workout Video

The Back and Biceps routine is another one of my favorites. As with all of the videos in my P90X in 90 Seconds series, the video cuts out the warm up, stretching, intermittent cardio breaks, and the cool down that is part of this workout. The one thing I need to mention is that because I do not have a Chin-Up Bar, I’ve utilized a pull down method instead of a pull up method on some of the moves. You could argue that they are easier in that you don’t have to use your body weight, however, if you use enough weight on the pull down machine, you can make up for that.

Here is the Back and Biceps workout video for your enjoyment:

For reference, here are the moves in detail:

1st Set of Back Exercises:

  1. Wide Front Pull Up
  2. Lawnmower

1st Set of Bicep Exercises:

  1. Twenty-one
  2. One-Arm Cross-Body Curl

2nd Set of Back Exercises:

  1. Switch Grip Pull Up
  2. Elbows-Out Lawnmower

2rd Set of Bicep Exercises:

  1. Standing Bicep Curl
  2. One-Arm Concentration Curl

3rd Set of Back Exercises:

  1. Corn Cob Pull Up
  2. Reverse Grip Bent-Over Row

3rd Set of Bicep Exercises:

  1. Open-Arm Curl
  2. Static-Arm Curl

4th Set of Back Exercises:

  1. Towel Pull Up
  2. Congdon Locomotive

4th Set of Bicep Exercises:

  1. Crouching Cohen Curl
  2. One-Arm Corkscrew Curl

5th Set of Back Exercises:

  1. Chin Up
  2. Seated Bent-Over Back Fly

5th Set of Bicep Exercises:

  1. Curl Up/Hammer Down
  2. Hammer Curl

6th Set of Back Exercises:

  1. Max Rep Pull Up
  2. Superman

6th Set of Bicep Exercises:

  1. In-Out Hammer Curls
  2. Strip-Set Curls

All in all, this program is pretty easy to follow and isn’t too challenging from a ease of movement perspective.

What do you think about the Back and Biceps workout video? Do you like the looks of this routine ?

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  • isap63

    Great Video ! Needed a quick crash course so I dont have to depend on videos when I am travelling.

  • manth0ny

    Can you specify the reps for each exercise, please?

    • brettblumenthal

      In general, you should aim for 12 – 15 reps where the last rep feels as though you’ve maxed out (you can’t do another rep). If you are trying to build a lot of muscle, however, 8 – 10 is the general count with heavier weight. The strip sets should be as many as you can do on your heaviest weight. Then knock down to a lower weight and do as many as you can, and then knock down again and do as many as you can, etc.

  • it says the back and bicep exercise repeat. Does that mean a second round of the workout alternating between back and biceps exercises again like the back and chest exercises p90x offers?

    • brettblumenthal

      Shawn, I’m sorry, no. That was a mistake. I corrected it. you just do this routine once through.