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No pain…no gain…

Yes, I’m a believer.  I really feel that when you strength train, a little pain means a lot of gain.  There is such a thing as overdoing it, but a little pain means that you had a good workout the day before because you created the stress in your muscles necessary to create muscle growth…a good thing when you strength train.

Yesterday, I conducted a little research at a local spa…Exhale…to prepare for a presentation.  I took a class they call ‘Core Fusion’ which is basically a one hour fitness class that combines core conditioning, pilates and yoga in order to produce ‘long, lean muscles, a flexible, youthful body and a sense of peace and relaxation.’  Well, I’m not sure I agree with the last part of that description…I was not at peace…and I was definitely not relaxed.  I was in pain…and I didn’t enjoy it.

I like pain after I exercise, as I mentioned, but this was different.   It was painful during the class and it pushed me to do things that were not comfortable.  I’m generally comfortable with the standard 8 to 15 repetitions of an exercise…training for strength, and this class required what seemed like a million repetitions of each exercise to train for endurance.

I left the class thinking…’good research, but this is not for me.’  I left the spa, and didn’t look back…until mid-day today that is.  I felt the pain that I thrive on…a good pain…a soreness in spots that haven’t been sore in awhile.  This was good.

I got to thinking…maybe it wasn’t so bad…maybe I should go back and try again.  Maybe my body needs this, obviously, I had pain to prove it.  The lesson learned here, is that exercising is great…but exercising differently and diversifying routines is key to making sure that you are working out all parts of your body in all kinds of ways.  This is the best kind of conditioning one can do.

If you love running…and do so every time you do cardio…try switching it up: try speed walking up hill; try spinning; try the elliptical trainer.  You’ll feel it.  No matter how in shape you are, switching it up will prove to be rewarding.  Additionally, if you strength train (which you should as a balanced fitness regimen), try different types;  try different classes and methods.

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  • Annette Troiano

    Hay Brett,

    I think this website is fabulous!!! Good for you. I shall be sure to tell all of my “fitness colleagues
    about it. You know this is something that is dear to my heart and I was so happy when Beth told me about it!!!

    Good luck to you and I hope I get to see you soon.

    You know I can give testimonials on how important exercise and nutrition are. I’m approaching 57 , staying as toned as I can and still teaching spin and Pilates. Exercise is a wonderful part of my life and without it I know I wouldn’t have the energy and health that I am blessed with.

    I hope that you are successful in your endeavors and your word gets out there to all of us women who could use more information and advice about our health and well being.

    Please stay in touch and happy workouts!!

    Best Regards, Annette

  • Thanks Annette! I’m glad you are enjoying the site. Please do spread the word…if you are interested in getting involved…let me know!

  • Debby

    Wow…these comments just show that there are huge differences among people and their expectaions from a trainer & a workout session. Whether you are “fit” or deconditioned, you and your trainer should talk/discuss the expectaions of what YOU want to get from the sessions. If that doesn’t match their training style, talk to another. All trainers should teach you proper form, remind you to breathe, and change-up your workouts to challenge you. A little soreness shows that the muscles are being used and worked. Pain or extreme soreness is NOT good. You CAN achieve slow, steady results, by sticking with it, letting a trainer push you a little, and not making it brutal.

  • ROYA

    I think Exersise shoub be a part of life .Good luck to you